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Coursey Family

Henry Coursey (b1596) in Dublin Ireland. Henry was the son of Henri de Courcy/Courey. Decendent of the "de courci family of France". He had three sons: Henry (b1622); William (b1624); John (b1625) and one daughter: ANNE COURSEY (b1633).

Col. Henry Coursey of Chesterton-on-Wye, born 1622 in Dublin, Ireland; Came to America with Leonard Calvert in 1634 (Governor of Maryland, Lord Baltimore); to serve in Battle of Severn in the interest of, Lord Baltimore in 1655); and was rewarded with several thousands of acres of land in Maryland. Appointed "Chief Judge of Kent Co.: Married #1)Elizabeth Morgan (b1642); #2)Mary Harris; #3) Elizabeth Smith Carpenter of Talbot Co., MD. They had sons: John (b 1625) and William (b 1624, and one daughter, Anne (b 1633).

John Coursey (b1625) was Sheriff of the Isle of Kent, MD in 1657.

Major William Coursey (b1624) was "Deputy Surveyor in 1660" and Sheriff of Calveton Co. MD 1665-1670. William married #1)Elizabeth Hawkins and #2) Juliana Thomas (b1661). William's 400 acre estate called "Cedar Branch" ended up in the Thomas family through his marriage to Juliana Thomas.

William is the original owner of the "Back Wye River" which was known as the "Morgan River". The estate known as "Springley" and it's 400 acres called "Cedar Branch".

William Coursey gave Tristram Thomas III and his sister Anne Coursey the 800 acre estate in Maryland called "Cheston" in 1659. Tristram III would also inherit his father's estate "Barbados Hall" in 1679. Their son Edmond would inherit it in 1723.

William "Deputy Surveyor" would also lay out a grant of land in 1660 on the Wye River for Captain William Hensley, MD. His daughter Elizabeth Hemsley married Rev. James Clayland. Their daughter Judith Clayland (b1674) would become the second wife of Tristram Thomas IV (b.1665).

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