Sunday, May 9, 2010


Elizabeth Webb was born in 1656/57 at Talbot County, Maryland. She was the daughter of Edmond Webb and Elizabeth ?. On 6 July 1678, Elizabeth Webb married at Talbot, Maryland,, Robert Kemp, age 29, son of Henry Kemp and Elizabeth ?. Elizabeth Webb died after 1691/92 at Talbot County, Maryland.

From the KEMP Family Bible (under births):
Robert Kemp, the first of the family of the Kemps of whom we have any record, was from Yorkshire in England. He married Elizabeth, daughter of a certain Edmond Webb, who dying about the year 1685 left his said daughter Elizabeth a tract of land in Bayside called Bolton, in Talbot County, Maryland, the same on which the main branch of the family now resides. The aforesaid Robert died in 1702, and left the following children to wit: John, Edmond, William, Rachel, Sarah, Elizabeth and Jane.

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