Saturday, May 22, 2010


William Thomas Moran

(Research):William sold his 150 acre portion of "The Four Brothers" on 6/9/1767 to his nephew, William Moran, son of John (Willis John). This deed was signed by both William Moran and his wife, "Ellinor Morran." This is a very important document because it reveals the name of William's wife and proves he is the William Moran who later lived in Halifax Co., NC, and named his wife, "Elenor Moran," in his Will. After selling his land in Maryland, William moved his family to Halifax Co., NC, appearing in the records there as a witness to a deed on 12/13/1768, along with his presumed brother-in-law, James Lock. He also appeared in court in February 1769 when the deed was proven. It is not known whether his family remained in Halifax Co., moved elsewhere, or possibly even returned to Maryland. If they were not living in Maryland when the Revolution began, William apparently returned there himself to enlist, perhaps because he felt that part of his family was in greater danger, or perhaps because he wanted to fight alongside other family members. (Halifax Co, NC. Will #558 pg.276) William Moran 20 Dec. 1796 Feb. Ct. 1797 wife Elenor Moran rest of my estate after debts are paid sons Bazel Moran, Samuel Moran, Elisha Moran and Joseph Moran 5 shillings each Daughters Elizabeth Moran, Elinor Moran and Susana Moran bed etc. each at my wife's death residue of estate after wife's death to be divided between William Moran, Gabrael Moran, John Moran, Mary Moran, Sarah Moran and the sd. Elizabeth, Elinor and Susana Wit.: Samuel Higs, William Harbert, Solomon Turner Extrs.: James Judge and Mathew Cary Whitaker NOTE: 3/21/2001:jperry from Google gave date of death on Wm Thomas Moran as 12/20/1796.

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