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joseph pleasants

Joseph Pleasants 1
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1674 in Bremo, Henrico Co., Virginia
Death: BET 9 SEP 1725 AND 7 FEB 1726 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Burial: Friends Burial Ground near Henrico Co., Virginia
Will: 9 SEP 1725 Henrico Co., Virginia 2
Probate: 7 FEB 1725 Henrico Co., Virginia 3
Joseph Pleasants, son of John Pleasants and Jane Larcombe, married Martha Cocke, daughter of Richard Cocke and Elizabeth Littleberry; Genealogyof the Cocke Family of Virginia by James Southall and The English Descent of John Pleasants (1645-1668) of Henrico Co., Virginia by J. Hall Pleasants, Baltimore, MD, published in different volumes of Genealogies of Virginia Families from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. The Pleasants entry does not show Martha's first name.

The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908
Pleasants Family
1 June 1698 . George an Indian Boy belonging to Mr. Joseph Pleasants was brought before the Court by his master and was adjudged 8 years old (Henrico Records Feb. 1682-Apr. 1701 , p. 194)
1 Feb. 1698/9 . John Pleasants , of Henrico , for 10,000 lbs tobo. and cask conveyed to his brother Joseph Pleasants two tracts of land known as Pequienocka in Henrico Co. one containing 320 acres purchased by my father John Pleasants decd. of Henry Wyatt , of New Kent Co. by deed 1 April 1697 , the other containing 100 acres purchased by my said father of Giles Webb , by deed 24 Mch. 1696 (Henrico Records 1697-1704 , p. 133)
15 May 1699 . Lycence granted Jos. Pleasants for marriage with Martha Cocke (Ibid. p. 152) 1 Aug. 1699 , Joseph Pleasants vs Mathew Raysons . Action of Debt. Dismisses with costs (Henrico Records, Feb. 1682-Apr. 1701 , p. 232)
22 Oct. 1699 . Joseph Pleasants patent for 98 acres Henrico Co. on Chickahominey Swamp in forks of Queen's Cabin Branch and Chickahominey River and known as John Bottoms Plantation and is King's Land at the foot of a patent granted Capt. Cock, Sr. for transporting 2 persons (Register of the Land Office Book 9, p. 237)
1 May 1700 . Mr. Joseph Pleasants acknowledgeth ye Rect. of ye estate given him by ye last will of his Decd. Father Mr. John Pleasants and upon motion of Mrs. Jane Pleasants ye Exr. it is ordered that ye same be entered upon Record (Henrico Records, Feb. 1682-Apr., 1701 , p. 268)
Received of my Mother Jane Pleasants all the Goods and chattells bequeathed to me in ye last will and testament of my deceased father. I say recd. this 1 day of May 1700 . (signed) Joseph Pleasants (witnesses) Thomas Cardwell (Henrico Records 1697-1704 , p. 168)
21 Aug. 1704 . Mr. Joseph Pleasants by his petition sets forth that his covenant servant woman named Mary Gwinn hath lately had a bastard child in his house. Ordered that said child being a mulatto named Beck be bound to serve said Pleasants according to law; the child as said Pleasants informs the court being now about six months old (Henrico Records, 1677-1692 , p. 46 Orphan's Court)
20 Oct. 1704 . Patent to John and Joseph Pleasants for 286 acres in Henrico Co. on head of Little White oak Swamp (Register of Land office Book 9, p. 268)
1 March 1707 . Joseph Pleasants , Henrico Co. and Martha , his wife, to Thomas Childers of same Co., for L26, conveys land in said Co. N. side James River , on eastermost branch of Four Mile Creek , bounded as in deed from Alexander Makenny to John Bottome dated 10 July 1696 (Henrico Records, 1706-09 , p. 84)
1 June 17-08 . The estate of Thomas Sessiers , indebted to Joseph Pleasants for "souling a pair of shoes 1s-6d and for "16 Bottls. claret L2" (Ibid. 98)
31 July 1708 . Joseph Pleasants , Henrico Co. and parish, and Martha , his wife, to John Alldridge , New Kent Co. Blacksmith, for L50 sterl. convey 50 acres in parish and Co. aforesaid, S. side Chickahominey Swamp , whereon John Bottome formerly dwelt; said land was given to said Joseph Pleasants by the will of his father John Pleasants Senr. but upon asigning said land was found to have relapsed and was granted to John Pleasants the younger, 6 June 1699 and by him sold to said Joseph , by deed 1 August 1705 . (Ibid. p. 104)
10 Oct. 1708 . Joseph Pleasants , of Henrico Co. and parish and Martha , his wife, to Gilly Groomarin , of same, for 9200 lbs. tobo. and cask, convey 47 acres in parish and county aforesaid, on S. side James River , (being part an island) above Porrwhite Creek and falls of the said river, being more particularly bounded as in deed from William Drury and Jeremy Benskin to John Pleasants, Sr. dated 1 Apr. 1697 , which tract of land and island descended to John Pleasants son and heir at law of aforesaid John Pleasants Sr. decd. and by him sold to aforesaid Joseph , by deed 1 August 1705 . (Ibid. p. 117)
6-8ber (Oct.) 1709 . Richard Cocke , Henrico Co. and parish, Merchant and Rebecca , his wife, convey for L10, and 6000 lbs tobo. and cask. 130 acres in Parish and county aforesaid, N. side James River , which said land was purchased of Edward Mathews , decd. by said Cocke, 11 Dec, 1705 . (Henrico Records 1710-1714 , p. 166)
1709 . A List of surveys made in Henrico Co. (recorded 1 July 1710 .) Nov. 14, 1710 Joseph Pleasants , one survey 670 acres, do 550 acres (Ibid. p. 16)
2 Oct. 1710 . Joseph Pleasants vs John Alldridge (Ibid. p. 30)
Jany. 1710 . Joseph Pleasants executor Sarah Mathews , decd. and security for John Redford guardian to John Mathews . Mr. Joseph Pleasants , a Quaker, makes solemn declaration in manner proscribed by law that he attended 5 days as a witness for John Woodson vs Joseph Watson . Ordered that said Woodson pay him for said attendance (Ibid. pp. 30, 34, 36)
March 1710 . Joseph Pleasants , Pltf. vs Elizabeth Perkins , admrx. Nicholas Perkins , decd. Deft. Action of Case L3-10s. 8d. due Plts. by account dated 3 Nov. 1709 . being a Quaker makes affirmation as to truth thereof. Decides for Pltf. (Ibid. p. 48)
Aprl. 1710 , Eleanor Dutsue's Estate due Joseph Pleasants for a parcel of Women's Cloaths, 265 (lbs. tobo) (Ibid. 51) April 1711 , Joseph Bryan 's Estate due Joseph Pleasants for a parcel of Coopers' tools, 105 (lbs. tobo.) (Ibid.)
May 1712 , July 1712 , Nov. 1712 , Feb. 1712 , May 1713 Joseph Pleasants (a Quaker) appears as plaintiff in several suits actions of case and actions of debts (Ibid. pp. 136, 159, 176, 199, 206, 210, 237)
May 1714 . Francis Epes, Jr. Pltff vs John Woodson , John Pleasants and Joseph Pleasants, Defts. Action of case. This cause was referred from court to court. It was instituted by Epes to recover of defendants a certain amount of tobacco paid by him as surveyor to the chain bearers, the said Epes having surveyed lands for the defendants as ordered to do so by the General Court 24 Oct. 17-11 , at expense of defendants. The survey was ordered in a case pending in General Court in which John Bolling is Plaintiff and the defendants in this suit are the defendants. The defendants refuse to pay Epes claiming that he has not complied with order of General Court upon which this suit is brought. The court refuses further action herein and on motion of defendants it is dismissed. Plaintiff appeals to 6th day of next General Court. (Ibid. 282)
1 Jan. 1714 . Amos Leade (Ladd) of Henrico to Joseph Pleasants , of same, for 1500 lbs. tobo. conveys 361 2/3 acres in Co. aforesaid, N. side James River , on Beaver Dam Creek , part of a patent granted said Ladd (Henrico Record 1714-18 , p. 22)
1 Jan. 1714 Joseph Pleasants , Henrico Co. and Martha , his wife to John Redford , of same, for 4000 lbs. tobo. convey 322 acres in said county N. side James River , part of larger tract granted said Joseph Pleasants (Ibid. p. 23)
7 March 1714/15 . Joseph Pleasants , Henrico Co. and parish and Martha , his wife conveys (for 600 lbs. tobo. and cask and L10 Va. curr) to Edward Good, Junr. of same Co., and Parish. 150 acres in Parish and county aforesaid; N. side James River and N. side Four Mile Creek , between Eastern Run and great Branch of said Creek (Ibid. p. 24)
16 Aug. 1715 . Joseph Pleasants , patent for 550 acres Henrico Co. N. side James River , adjoining lands of Mr. Joseph Pleasants on Beaver Dam Creek , for importing 6 persons (Register of Land office Book 10, p. 254)
4 June 1716 Joseph Pleasants , Henrico parish and Co. to John Webb, Senr. of same, for L20 curr. conveys 550 acres as granted said Pleasants in patent 16 Aug. 1715 . (Henrico Record 1714-18 , p. 86)
6 June 1715 Joseph Pleasants , Henrico Parish and Co., Gent. to John Pledge , of same, planter, for L30 curr., conveys 300 acres N. side James River , adjoining John Redford's line , Henrico Co. , being part of a patent granted said Joseph 13 November 1713 . (Ibid. p. 87)
1720 April . Joseph Pleasants vs William Ferris, Jr. Action of Debt. 17 August Robert Blaws assignee of Joseph Pleasants , vs Benjamin Woodson , executor of Tucker Woodson , decd. (Henrico Record 1719-24 , pp. 23, 42)
5 Sept. 1720 . Joseph Pleasants , acknowledges deed to Obediah Smith . Martha , wife of said Pleasants relinquishes dower (Ibid. pp. 45, 53)
Oct. 1720 . Joseph Pleasants deed to Arthur Marcum , and Marcum's deed to Pleasants . Joseph Pleasants and Martha , his wife deed to Learner Bradshaw . 7 Sept. 1720 . Robert Blaws and Anne , his wife, deed to Joseph Pleasants . 5 Dec. 1720 . Joseph Pleasants and Martha , his wife, deed to Wm. Frogmorton (Ibid. pp. 48, 49, 53)
Oct. 1720 . Joseph Pleasants vs Edward Good, jr. Action of case (Ibid. p. 51)
1720. Feb. upon petition of Joseph Pleasants it is the opinion of the court that a bridge be built over Beaver Dam Creek at the charge of the county and the last day of this month is appointed for workmen to come to the Court House and agree with such of the Justices as shall be present for building the same and keeping it in repair 10 years (Ibid. p. 58)
1720 Feby. Joseph Pleasants vs Edward Good, Jr. Action of detenue L4 damages claimed by means of Good's detaining a horse belonging to Pleasants . General issue joined; jury ordered impannelled-verdict incertain, no judgment can be given thereon; ordered to withdraw and find more certain verlct. Continued to next court. 1720 Mar. verdict of Jury-Pleasants vs Good, jr. ; Edward Good bargained for horse with Joseph Childers and was to give 35s last year or 40s. this; Childers was not of age; he never said the sum nor was possessed of the horse. Plaintiff and Childers made an exchange and had each horse in possession; Childers then not of age. Horse worth L3 when in possession of Plaintiff and now worth 4s. Further find 20s. damage for plaintiff if court adjudgeth plaintiff aright to said horse, if not we find for defendant. Joseph Childers and right to the horse; we find the damage for detaining the horse; we find that Margaret Childers consented to her sons sale of the horse to Edward Good, Jr. We find said Good was to take him rough as he. Verdict on plaintiffs motion admitted to record and arguing referred to next court. April 1721 . Argument heard. Decision of court; law with the plaintiff; defendant to deliver colt to plaintiff or pay him 40s. together with 20s. damage; with costs, also Exo. On motion plaintiffs attorney for one attorney's fee to be included in bill of costs; opinion of court: that it ought not to be taxed in this Cause (Ibid. pp. 20, 67, 83, 91)
4 ? Sept. 1721 . Larnar Bradshaw and Hannah , his wife, deed to Joseph Pleasants (Ibid. p. 128)
Oct. 1721 . Joseph Pleasants appointed surveyor of Four Mile Creek and ordered that his own tithables, Mr. Blaws ' Pew Price and his tithables, Edward Good, Jr. , Joseph Woodson , and Henry Childers and Mr. Batty 's tithables do assist in cleaning the same (Ibid. p. 132)
2 July 1722 Joseph Pleasants deed to Jeremiah Hatcher (Ibid 191) Oct. 1722 . Upon the petition of Joseph Pleasants the court are of opinion to excuse him from making a causeway over the branch near his mill this year, Provided he leave the way in such manner as to render it safe and easy for the passage of Horses, carts and coaches (Ibid. 213)
5 Nov. 1722 Joseph Pleasants and Martha , his wife deed to John Owen (Ibid. 219) May 1724 . The grand jury "complain against the Wast of Josept Pleasants Mill" (Ibid. 340)
Dec. 1724 Joseph Jones vs Joseph Pleasants . Action of Case, and Joseph Pleasants vs John Davis , Action of case (Ibid. 373) 7 Feb. 1725 . The Will of Joseph Pleasants , decd. was presented proved and ordered recorded (Henrico Record 1725-37 , p. 3).

Relevant Deeds for area and families:
Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers:
Pleasants, Henrico Co., VA 1025:
John Pleasants of Curles in Henrico Co deeds to John Povall, Jr. for 150 pounds, 100 acres at a place called Malborn Hills in Henrico being the same tract purchased by the Pleasants from Jon. Watkins the son of Henry on 11 Oct 1737-recorded in Henrico. Also 100 acres being the tract of
land purchased by the Pleasants from Joseph Woodson of Curles, bounded by the property of Wm. Porter, Benjamin Porter, "Brackett and John Povall, Jr.", 05 Dec 1748, Vol 1748-50, page 55

John Pleasants Mrcht. deeds to Thomas Hamlet of the Parish of St. James Southland, Goochland Co., for 8 pounds: 60 acres in Henrico beginning at Falling Creek on Thos. Hamlet's line etc. Witness Robert Pleasants, Wm. Waddill and John Ellett. Recorded 1st Monday in Dec 1748, 19 Nov 1748 Vol 1748-50, page 57

John Pleasants Mrcht. deeds to John Elliott for 40:10s: 300 acres in Dale Parish, Henrico bounded as follows: on the south side of Falling Creek, and by Thomas Hamlet's 19 Nov 1748, page 68

Submitted by Peggy Hooper ( 12 Oct 2003; Henrico Co., GENWEB Archives

Pleasants, Joseph
Valentine Papers Vol. 2, p. 1092

Joseph Pleasants, Will of: Joseph Pleasants, 9 Sept. 1725; (Recorded) 7 Feb. 1725/6.

Son Joseph Pleasants, land and plantation whereon Richd. Baze now lives known by
name of Pickanockey, beginning at mouth of Horse Swamp thence up said swamp to a
large branch of the same, parting that plantation and the one which Richard
Baze's wife now lives at, thence up said branch until it meets Obediah Smith's
line thence along said line to head, including in said bounds the 100 acres
formerly Thomas Robinsons, the whole tract containing by estimate 300 acres. Son
John Pleasants, land and plantation whereon William Ferris formerly lived above
Horse Swamp; also land below Horse Swamp from the great Branch bounding my son
Joseph up the said Swamp and Obediah Smith's line to head of my land, including
plantation whereon Richard Baze's wife lives; containing (both tracts) 150 acres
by estimation. Son Richard Pleasants, land joining upper side Buffalo Branch, by
estimation 300 acres. Son Thomas Pleasants, plantation purchased by me of John
Watson on or near a branch of Tuckahoe and on head of a branch called Longand
Hongrey, by estimation 200 acres. Son Robert Pleasants, 200 acres on Four Mile
Creek, beginning at Wm. Frogmorton's corner thence such a breath on said
William's line up the said creek as will contain 200 acres including plantation
whereon Benj. Childers lives. Should my son Joseph or his heirs at any time
disturb my son Robert in his possession of said land, the bequest of land at
Pickanockey made to said Joseph to be void, and said land "remaine to my son
Robert and his heirs forever. Son Joseph, a negro man Jack, goods and chattells,
cattle, mare and horse. Daughter Jeane, negro girl, goods and chattells, cattle,
mare. Daughter Martha, negro girl, goods and chattells, cattle, horse. Son John,
negro girl, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Son Richard, negro boy, goods and
chattells, cattle, mare. Son Thomas, negro boy, goods and chattells, cattle,
mare. Son Robert, negro boy, goods and chattells, cattle, mare. Wife Martha
Pleasants, during her life, use and produce of real and personal estate, manor
plantation without the impeachment of waste. If wife should marry again estate
to be valued, appraised, 2/3 thereof equally divided among my sons children,
other 1/3 to wife and her heirs forever. Should wife not marry use and produce
of estate during her natural life in consideration of her bringing up my
children in their minority and paying my just debts which I desire may be paid
without charge of lawsuits, creditors proving their debts before two justices of
the peace. My children to remain with their mother during her widowhood until
there may be seen lawful cause to choose a guardian, otherwise to remain with
their mother until they arrive to lawful years. Wife Martha Pleasants, whole and
sole executrix. Wife to have advice of friend Colonel Randolph "whom I beg the
favor of to advise her."
Witnesses - Thomas Pleasants, John Pleasants, Edward Bennett, John__X__Cooke,
Jr., Eliza__X__Morris.
The will proved by solemn affirmation of John Pleasants and Edward Bennett,
Quakers, witnesses thereto and ordered recorded. (Henrico Records. Original
Papers, Bundle No. 4 also,
Records 1725-37, p. 3 et seq).

Peggy Hooper summary note of those name: wife, Martha, sons: Joseph, John, Richard, Thomas, and Robert, and daughters Jeane and Martha; Child not named: Elizabeth, daughter (mentioned in will of Joseph's mother).

Wills, Vol 1706-1709, p. 166. 2 Jan 1708 Will of Jane Larcome Pleasants mentions three of Joseph's children in the following order: Elizabeth, Joseph, Jane, and for that reason I assume they were the first three children born in that order.

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