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William Wrench

REBECCA2 GREEN (HENRY1) was born in KENT COUNTY, MARYLAND, and died Aft. 1748. She married WILLIAM WRENCH I Abt. 1695, son of WILLIAM WRENCH. He was born 1678 in TALBOT? COUNTY, MARYLAND4, and died Bef. 31 March 1748 in QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND5.

In the name of God Amen. I William Wrench of Queen Anne's County, in the province
of Maryland Plantor, being sick and weak of body, but of perfect and sound mind and
memory, thanks be to allmighty God. Therefore do make and ordain this my last will and
Testament in manner and for following. vizs --
Imprs. first and principally I give my soul unto God which gave it me, and my
Body to be decently buryed, hopeing through the merits and mediation of my Blessed
Redeemer, Jesus Christ do a full Resurection, and as for my worldly Goods which it hath
been pleased God to lend me. I leave in the manner and form following --
Item. I give unto my beloved wife Rebecca Wrench all my plantation where on I
now live called Hawkins Farm - dureing her natural Life and likewise, I give unto my said
wife Rebecca fifteen hundred pounds of Tobacco for every year she shall live, to be paid
out of my Estate, yearly --
Item. I give unto my son William Wrench after my wifes Decease, all my
Dwelling plantation and Land called Hawkins Farm, al also part of a tract of Land called
Wrenches Lott. containing one hundred acres to be laid out of the said tract, the most
convenient to my said son, upon the North part of said Tract of Land to him & his heirs
forever --
Item. I give unto my son Henry Wrench all the remaining part of my Tract of
Land called Wrenches Lott to him and his heirs forever, and I give unto my son Henry
one negroe woman called Judith --
Item. I give unto my son James Wrench part of a tract of Land called Wrenches
Farm two hundred acres to be contained - therein, where Richard Emerson formerly lived
to him and his heirs or assigns forever. And I likewise give unto my said son one Gunn
which he has possession, and one negroe man called Pompey --
Item. I give unto my son Peter Wrench two hundred acres of Land, being part of a
tract of Land called Wrenches Farm, no__ adjoining to John Vanderford's Plantation, to
him and his heirs or assignes forever And I likewise give unto my said son Peter Wrench
two feather beds and furniture belonging to them, one Negroe boy called Samm, and one
boye called Ball, and mye Chest which is of Redd colour and one Gunn.
Item. I give unto my Daughter Margaret Chairs twenty shillings current money
and no more.
Item. I give unto my son-in-law John Vanderford, and my Daughter Mary
Vanderford, two hundred acres of Land being part of Wrenches Farm, where on they now
Live to them and their heirs forever. And I likewise give unto my said Daughter Mary
Vanderford twenty shillings currency --
Item. I give unto my Daughter Rebecca Pratt, one mare called Flie, one Cow and
Calf, three Ewes and Lambs.
Item. I give unto my Son William Wrench one negroe woman called Bess, and
one negroe Girl called Nancy, my Pistolls Houlster, Sword, and my Hunting Gunn.
Item. My will is that after my just Debts, Legacies and funerall Charges are paid,
that the remaining part of my personall Estate be equally Divided between my Sons
William Wrench and Peter Wrench, they bearing an equal part of their mother's
maintanance --
And Lastly, I nominate and appoint my beloved Wife Rebecca Wrench, and my
Son William Wrench my hole and sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament,
revoking and disannulling and making void all former Will or Wills, Testaments, or any
other writeing whatsoever in Law or Equity, and makeing good this my Last Will and
Testament, and no other. In Witness where of I have hereunto sett my hand and affixed
my seal of this twenty fourth day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven
hundred and forty six (or seven).

Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared to be his last Will in presence of us.
Thomas Hynson Kelly }
John x Gordon } William Wrench
Tho. Wilkinson } {seal}

Queen Annes County fs the 31 March 1748. Thomas Hynson Kelly, John Gordon, and
Thomas Wilkinson, the subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing Will, being duly and
Solemnly Sworn on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God, do depose and say, that they
saw the Testator William Wrench sign the same Will and heard him publish and declare it
as his Last Will and Testament. That at the time of his so doing he was to the best of
their apprehension of sound and disposing mind and memory, and that they did subscribe
their respective names as Witnesses to the said Will in the presence of the said Testator
and at his request, which oath was taken by the said witnesses in the presence of Willam
Wrench Heir at Law to the Testator, which same Willaim Wrench did not object to the
Probate of the said Will. Before me, Wm Tilghman, Dep'y Comsy of Queen Anne's
County --

SOURCE: Queen Anne's County, Maryland Wills
Liber JE #1, pages 341-344

6. iii. HENRY WRENCH, d. Bef. 30 September 1767, QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND.
7. iv. MARGARET WRENCH, b. Abt. 1695; d. Aft. 1766.
v. WILLIAM WRENCH II, b. 17126.
8. vi. JAMES WRENCH, b. Abt. 1718; d. Bet. 30 January 1750/51 - 16 May 1751, QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND.
vii. REBECCA WRENCH, m. MR PIATT/PRATT?, Bef. January 1746/47.

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