Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More on the Campbells

The Campbell Tartan;
The ordinary Campbell tartan is green, black, and blue, arranged in the same pattern as the black watch, and Argyll, and Sutherland regiments.

The Campbell name;
It was the grandfather to Sir Cailein MOR who is first said to have had the name. It was a nickname of Cam Beul given to him by family members as he had an engaging trait of talking out one side of his mouth. Cam Beul in the Gaelic language means curved mouth. This Duncan was loved so much by his family that they took the nickname as their family name, and have held to it even beyond Argyll.

The spelling of the name was originally Cambel, then when Robert the Bruce's son King David became King of Scott's he brought with him Norman Knights, which started the different spelling of Campbell.

Family Motto;
Ne obliviscaris - "Forget not"

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