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[The writer's tenth great grandfather.]
John, an innkeeper, was born in the nineteenth year of the reign of Queen ELIZABETH I. Following his death, his Will was probated in 1632 in the Court of Chester, County Cheshire.
[NOTE: The research of A. Wayne Ratcliff, M.D.,[a] indicated that this John Ratcliffe (b. 1577) and his wife Susanne were the parents of both John Ratcliffe, Yeoman of Quaker Farm, and Richard Ratcliffe (b. 1614), father of Richard, the American Ratcliffe Progenitor.[a] However, one researcher suggests persuasively that a comparison of Richard's date of birth with the dates of birth of the children of John of Quaker Farm better supports the construction that the John of Quaker Farm, and not the John b. 1577, was Richard's father.[b] (Presumably, the Wills of John, born 1577, and of John of Quaker Farm, probated in 1650 in the Court of Chester, County Cheshire, name their children, in which case the matter should be clear.) At this writing, the writer accepts the construction, subject to evidence to the contrary, that Richard the Progenitor was the son, and not the brother, of John of Quaker Farm.]
a. Donald Ratcliff, Ph.D., ANCESTORS OF RICHARD RATCLIFF OF LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND AND TALBOT COUNTY, MARYLAND: ADDENDUM TO CLARENCE RATCLIFF'S GENEALOGY (published on the Internet by Donald Ratcliff at URL; this addendum consists of the research in England of A. Wayne Ratcliff, M.D., and of the professional genealogist he retained.
b. Website of Linnie Vanderford: "Linnie's Vanderford Family Tree & Surname Index" (]

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