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Edward,heir to John II was knighted by Robert, Earl of Essex at the Sacking
of Cades in Spain in 1596, where he commanded a Regiment of Foot. He then served
in the Netherlands as Governor of the Brill. Upon 30 Jan 1623 he was made one ofthe
principal Secretaries of State; also upon the 22 Mar 1625 advanced to dignity of a
Baron of the Realm by title of Lord Conway of Ragley; and, on 8 Dec 1625 became
Catain of the Isle of Wight.

Edward became Lord President of His Majesty'sPrivy Council; Viscount Conway of
Conway Castle in Com. Caernarvon. Went to Germany as Embassador Extraordinary,
He departed this life at his house in St. Martin's Lane, within the Liberties of
Westminster on 3 Jan 1630, and was buried at Ragley.

He married twice: 1. Dorothy, daughter of Sir John Tracy of Todington and widow of
Edmund Bray of Barrington. They had 4 sons and 4 daughters. Dorothy died before

2. Catherine, daughter of Giles Hueriblock of Gant, in Flanders. She wasa widow of a
merchant of London. No children from this marriage.

Was one of the King's Council for Virginia in 1620, and was associated with William
Claiborne in Maryland, 1646.

• Knighted: by Robert, Earl of Essex and March, 1596. At the sacking of Cadiz in Spain in 1596 where he commanded a Regiment of Foot during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He was advanced to the title of Lord Conway of Ragley and held various positions including Secretary of State, Lord President of His Majesty's Privy Council, and Embassador Extraordinary to Germany.

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