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Thomas Sutton


Thomas Sutton and his wife, Lucretia Blackman Sutton, were very wealthy
landowners in Suttontown, Sampson County, not only wealthy in land and
money, but wealthy by being blessed with a large family. In the 1820
Federal Census of Sampson County, Thomas and Lucretia had only two males
and two females at home and the other seven were married and on their own.

Thomas Sutton, a politically-minded man was elected to replace William
Blackman at his death in 1818 to the House of Commons in Raleigh, North
Carolina; however it is not certain when he was sworn in. The following
dates are recorded when Thomas Sutton was present: the Assembly of 1818
from 16 November to 26 December; the Assembly of 1819 from 15 November to
25 December; the Assembly of 1820 from 15 November 25 December. After his
last term in office, 1826-27, 25 December 1826 to 12 February 1827, he, his
wife, son Thomas, Jr. and wife and family prepared to move to Bossier
Parish, Louisiana. Their trip in two-horse covered wagons was not all joy.
Through hardship and travel that was cumbersome, they arrived in the early
1830's and purchased acres of land on the Red River.

The children of Thomas and Lucretia, and their spouses, are as follows:
Joseph Sutton married Elizabeth Stephens; Luke Whitfield Sutton married
Sylvia Crow; Benjamin Sutton married Matilda Crow, Edmund Sutton married
Mary "Polly" Craddock the first time and the second time Nancy Jones;
Eleanor Sutton married John S. Herring. The above five families lived in
Sampson County. Penelope Sutton married Jesse Martin and lived in Wayne
County. Louisa Sutton married Henry Whitfield and lived in Duplin County.
Elizabeth Suton married Council McCullen; Thomas Sutton, Jr. married
Bethsheba Crumpler of Sampson County; Susanna Sutton married Caleb
Swindell. The last three families lived in Louisiana.

When Thomas Sutton died in 1839 in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, he was buried
with Masonic rites.

Sources: N.C. Government 1585-1974, A Narrative and Statistical History (A
revised and updated edition of the 1913 N.C. Manual) issued by Thad Eure,
Secretary of State, 1975; Clerk of Court, Bossier Parish, Louisiana.
--Joanne Sutton Morgan

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