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elizabeth pleasants

Elizabeth Pleasants> 1
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1706 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Death: AFT 19 DEC 1767 in Goochland Co., Virginia
Did Elizabeth Pleasant live to adulthood and marry John Merryman. Only secondary sources are available - see the end of the third paragraph of these notes, but no sources are given.

Elizabeth is not mentioned in her father's will dated 9 September 1725; however the 2 Jan 1708 Will of Jane Larcome Pleasants mentions "my Son Joseph's Daughter Elizabeth" [Henrico Wills, Vol 1706-1709, p. 166]. It has been conjetured that she may have married "out of meeting" prior to the date of her father's will, in which case he might have disinherited her. Other have suggested that Elizabeth Pleasants died before reaching adulthood.

Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia 1607-1624/5, 4th Ed., Vol. 1, p. 127, shows Elizabeth as a dau. of Joseph and Martha. Footnote 70 says "Cocke, Cockes & Cousins, II, p. 16 sugests she may have married 39, Joseph Lewis (see Woodson). Wiliam Kenneth Rutherford and Anna Clay Zimmerman Rutherford, Genealogical History of Our Ancestors (rev. ed.; n.p., 1977), I, p. 505, and W(2), VIII, p. 134, states she married John Merryman but provide no documentation. In addition, Genealogical history of the Rutherford Family Vol. 1, by William Kenneth Rutherford and Anna Clay Zimmerman Rutherford, 2nd Ed. 1986, has John married to Elizabeth Pleasants, but without sources.

Father: Joseph Pleasants b: ABT 1674 in Bremo, Henrico Co., Virginia
Mother: Martha Cocke b: ABT 1676 in Bremo, Henrico Co., Virginia

Marriage 1 John Merryman b: ABT 1700 in Henrico or Goochland Co., Virginia
Married: ABT 1727 in Henrico Co., Virginia 2
Thomas Merryman b: ABT 1730 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
Elizabeth Merryman b: 1731 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Agnes Merryman b: 1732 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Mary Merryman b: ABT 1735 in Powhatan (then Goochland) Co., Virginia
Judith Merryman b: 1736
John Merryman , Jr. b: 1738 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Jesse Merryman b: 1740 in Henrico Co., Virginia

Title: Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia 1607 - 1624/5, 4th Ed.
Author: Dorman, John Frederick
Publication: Genealogical Publishers, Baltimore, 2005
Media: Book
Page: Vol. 1, p. 127
Title: Stokes Notes
Author: Martin, Mrs. John N.
Publication: Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol. IV, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1982
Note: reprinted from the William & Mary Quarterly.
Media: Book
Page: 626
Text: John Merryman of Goochland married Elizabeth Pleasants

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