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"He was hanged for his part in Bacon's Rebellion. Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. IV, pp 122 and 123 says he was tried on 4 Jan 1676/77and sentenced to death.


James Crews' will was dated 23 July 1676 and was entered into probate on 2 Aug 1680.
Will of James CREWS of Turkey Island, planter.
To Mary CARTER, daughter of Giles CARTER, 1000 lbs tobacco, a bed and bedding.
To Susan CARTER, 10,000 lbs tobacco and a bed and bedding.
To my man Tom, his freedom, he serving 3 years after my death and him to have one cow, one sow and as much land as he shall tend for him and his mother during his life.
To Hannah CARTER, wife of Giles, my negro maid Kate.
To Daniel PRICE, my best suit and coat.
To Giles CARTER, what he owes me, and he to hold plantation I let him have for life. If Hannah CARTER dies, the negro wench returns to Theodorick CARTER, her son.
Loving cousin Mr. Matthew CREWS to be sole executor, Loving friend, Giles CARTER to live on my plantation, command my servants, make crops and give an account yearly to my executor.
Wit: Thomas Forkland, Derby Enroughty

In December 1680, a niece Sarah WHITTINGTON, daughter of James' brother Edward CREWS and Matthew CREWS, son of James' brother Francis CREWs, stating that James CREWS left no widow or "lawful" child, filed for and apparently received the residue of his estate. Both lived in England.

Hannah is believed by many researchers to have been an illegitimate daughter. Her mother was possibly an Indian since there are notes in the court records pertaining to James CREWS "keeping an Indianwoman". As such, she and her children could not inherit CREWS' land outright."

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