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Robert Fellow

Robert Fellow was born in 1665 in England. He married Sarah Littleboy in 1690 in England. They immigrated to Talbot County, Maryland with their children before Dec 1697.

Robert Fellow
born 1694
in England

John Fellow*
born 1697
prob. in Maryland
married 1st Alice Ratcliff, 2nd Phoebe _____ 3rd? Elizabeth ____?

Mary Fellow
born 1703
in Maryland
married William Ratcliff & John James

Sarah Fellow
born 1704
in Maryland
married John Ratcliff

The marriage of Robert Fellow and Sarah Littleboy is documented in the Parish Registers: Robert Fellow and Sarah Littleboy were married at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 19 Oct 1690. [Family tradition has the marriage of Robert and Sarah in Quaker meeting in England. The Toleration Act of 1689 might explain this dichotomy. The marriage might have been registered in the Parish records, although performed elsewhere. This is speculation at this point.]

Robert Fellow (1665) is listed as a carpenter in land deeds in Talbot Co, Maryland. In September of 1697 a Robert Felowes, joiner, is made the guardian of William Anderson. It appears that the family was in Maryland earlier than 1700.

He purchased several tracts of land in Talbot County starting in 1703. The land was later inherited by his children in 1719. Land records of that time show Robert and his brother John distributing shares of their father's land to their married sisters.

The family was members of the Third Haven Quaker Meeting in Talbot County, Maryland. Mary married first William Ratcliff and then John James. Sarah married John Ratcliff. John married Phoebe, whose last name we don't know. We have no information for marriage for Robert (1694).

The Third Haven Quaker records show the marriages of the Fellow sisters to the Ratcliff brothers in the minutes.

The Ratcliff genealogical records indicate that John Fellow married Alice Ratcliff, sister of William and John Ratcliff.

Richard Ratcliff left a will 8 Jan 1720 that left his personal estate to his wife, Mary, and at her decease to children John, William, Samuel, Alice and Mary.

The Inventory of Richard Ratcliff’s estate 17 July 1721 has "next of kin" John Fellows and John Kennedy, indicating the marriage of the two daughters to these men.

John Fellow names his wife clearly as Phoebe in 1734 deed giving land to his sister Mary Fellow James.

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