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The James Harrod that married Hanna Ratliff/Ratcliff was born in Tennesse Aug. 2nd 1804. His full name is James Madison Harrod. He is the son of James Harrod born 1765 in North Carolina/Tennessee and Elizabeth McCarty.
The father of James Harrod b.1765 was James Harrod who signed the Cumberland Compact at French Lick / Nashville.
The signer of the Cumberland Compact James Harrod was the son of Thomas Harrod born abt. 1694 in England. His wife was Catherine Hunt.
This Thomas Harrod is the brother of John Harrod who was the father of Colonial James Harrod, founder of Harrod's Station in Kentucky.
There is an interesting quote from the historian Draper. He stated that James Harrod would visit Thomas Harrod who was in North Carolina. I thought that Draper was refering to the brother of James Harrod,Thomas Harrod. I now believe he was refering to his uncle Thomas Harrod. I had posted on this forum asking about Watauga North Carolina. After studying that place I realized that our Thomas Harrod was probably there at the first Watauga settlement and then re-moved to the second Watauga and then to French Lick.
It's easy to confuse the 2 James Harrod's. Actually there are so many James Harrod's that are related you have to follow them closely.
I had this information to guide me. I live in Hawaii and can't do actual research. So I rely on historical data to guide me.
This was an enourmous help. I found the following,

A James Herod (I call him the younger) moved to Stewart County in 1802,
where he bought 337 acres on Guice Creek.
He was the son of James Herod (the elder) who moved from
eastern Tennessee with the Robertson Party as told in the following account
from the
Henry Glenn and Martin Eddie Patrick Families family tree on
Rootsweb in July 2004:

The family of James Harrod [I call him the elder] joined the overland expedition of General James Robertson somewhere near the Watauga located in the eastern area of present day Tennessee. (The second Watauga settlement)
The group traveled overland above the Cumberland River through the area that is now Kentucky and Tennessee.
Many additional families joined the group as they traveled toward their proposed settlement at "French Lick" (now Nashville).
Colonel John Donelson led another group that included the wives of several of the settlers in the overland group. They floated down the Tennessee River on boats and rafts to
the Mississippi River and then came back up the Cumberland River to French Lick. The overland group led by General Robertson arrived at French Lick inthe winter of 1779, and Donelson's group reached the settlement in the spring of 1780. North Carolina had claimed the territory in 1777,
and all of present day Tennessee was included in Washington County, North Carolina.
Since North Carolina provided no government or protection for the settlers,they held a meeting and organized their own government called the
"Cumberland Compact."
James Harrod [elder] signed the compact at Nashborough
on May 13, 1780.
Although we cannot know for sure that all members of the
Harrod family traveled overland, we do know that they were at French Lick or Nashborough in the spring of 1780.
The Harrod family probably settled on the north side of the Cumberland River on Wells Mill Creek near the original
Eaton Station.
There is no written record of this land acquisition, because
James Harrod (elder) was killed by Indians sometime before 1783,(Here's where a lot of confusion starts.)
when land records were established in the territory. James Robertson,a trustee and founder of the colony, married the first couple, Captain James Leiper and his wife. James Shaw, also a trustee, married the second group of four couples all in one day. This second group of newlyweds included
John Tucker and Jenny Herod. Tucker had signed the Cumberland Compact. (John Tucker must of been a man of some importance. He moved to georgia where he was killed. John Tucker signed an anti slavery document at French Lick)
Jenny Herod was the daughter of James [elder] and Elizabeth Harrod (Herrod).
The first courts of the settlement started records in January 1783,called
"Court of Cumberland District, North Carolina."
The minutes of March 4, 1783 cover administration of the estate of James Harrod. Elizabeth Harrod Hogan,
widow, was appointed administratrix and made bond.
James Harrod [elder] had been killed by Indians between May 1780 and March 1783.
Elizabeth Harrod, widow, had remarried. Her second husband was Daniel Hogan, a signer of the Cumberland Compact.
The State of North Carolina in 1782 provided that each
settler in the Cumberland Settlement before June 1, 1780 had the rights of preemption to 640 acres of free land.
If they were not still living, the preemption was to go their heirs.
The 640 acre preemption for James Harrod was issued to Barnet Harrod (Barnabeth Herrod), and was located on Dry Creek on the north side of the Cumberland River.
ames [elder} Harrod's family
(Grandfather was James Harrod b. 1668 in Bedfordshire, England m. Maria Kent.)
Father: Thomas Harrod b: ABT 1714
Mother: Catherine Hunt
Marriage of James [the elder]: Elizabeth Herrod b: 1740 in Virginia
" Married: 1759 in Orange County, Virginia
1. James Herrod b: 1765 in Virginia [the younger]***
2. Jenny Herrod b: 1760 in Virginia
3. Barnabeth Herrod b: 1762 in Virginia
4. John Herrod b: 1768 in North Carolina
5. Thomas Herrod b: 1776 in North Carolina

From Butcher / Fife Family Tree on Rootsweb in July 2004: After the death
of their father James Harrod [the elder] (killed by Indians), James Herrod,Sr. [the younger, but called Sr here since he had a son also named James]
and his brothers
Thomas and Barnabeth lived with their mother and their
stepfather, Daniel Hogan. When Daniel Hogan and Elizabeth Harrod Hogan moved south of the Cumberland River to a new house [was this in Stewart County?],
the brothers continued to use the cabin until it was sold in 1793. By that time Barnabeth had received his 640 acre inheritance (grant from North
Carolina to the heirs of James Harrod), and the brothers moved to this land.
When Barnabeth married the same year, ( Susan Wells )
James Sr. [the younger] and Thomas moved back in with their mom and stepfather.
James Sr., John, and Thomas Herod moved to Stewart County in 1802, where James bought 337 acres on Guice Creek. There,
James Sr. apparently met and married Elizabeth McCarty. They
were joined in Stewart County in 1809 by the family of Zachariah Ratliff.( There are marriages between the Harrod and the Ratliff/Ratcliff families)
The family of James Harrod Sr. [the younger above]:
Father: James HARROD b: Abt 1738 in Stafford County, Virginia [the elder]
Mother: Elizabeth ? b: Abt 1740 in probably Virginia
Marriage [of James the younger] Elizabeth MCCARTY b: Abt 1768 in probably North Carolina.
" Married: 15 Jun 1802 in Montgomery County, Tennessee
1. Jacob HEROD b: Abt 1803 in Probably Stewart County, Tennessee ( m. Catherine McKay )
2. James (Madison) HERROD (HEROD) b: 2 Aug 1804 in Stewart County, Tennessee [This was the one called "Jr." in this account.]m. ( Hannah Ratliff )
3. John HERROD b: Abt 1805 in Probably Stewart County, Tennessee
4. Josiah (Joseph) HERROD b: Abt 1807 in Probably Stewart County, Tennessee ( m. Elizabeth Ann Allen)
5. Margaret HERROD b: Abt 1810 in Probably Stewart County, Tennessee (Idiot born with Downs Syndrone)
6. Elizabeth HERROD b: 11 Sep 1811 in Dickson or Stewart County, Tennessee (M. Major John Braxton Allen )
7. Daniel McCarty HERROD b: 1812 in Dickson or Stewart County, Tennessee ( m. Mary L. White )

From my family history,
Let's look at Barnabeth Harrod son of James Harrod b. abt. 1738 Virginia.
Barnabeth Harrod brother of James Harrod who married Elizabeth McCarty.

Madison County, Canton Mississippi, 1850 census.
Barnabus Herrod - 188-190 - Page 143B

Household of Barnabus Herrod was enumerated on Thursday, August 28, 1850. Surnames in household:
Barnabus Herrod, 46 M, Inn Keeper $160, TN
Susan, 38 F, $4000, MS
Celestine, 12 F, MS
Massatilla?, 10 F, MS
Bennett, 6 M, MS
Missouri A., 4 F, MS
Montfort Jones, 50 M, Planter $42,560, VA
Isiah M. Simmons, 35 M, Lawyer, TN
T. McClure, 26 M, Butcher, NC

ID: I15500
Name: Barnabus HERROD 1
Name: Barnett HERROD 2
Sex: M
Change Date: 06 SEP 2004
Birth: ABT 1804 in Tennessee
Note: STB age 46 in 1850 census. 3 Quality: 1
Plausible possible ancestors of Barnabus Herrod appear, unsourced, in Garland R. Lively's rootsweb database at, although no connection is claimed:

1. Barnabeth Herrod b 1762 VA d~1820 Franklin County MS m.(1) Polly Williams [A Barnabeth Herrod appears in the 1820 census of Franklin County as follows: 030001, 41010]
(Father was)
2. James Herrod b 1738 Stafford County VA d 1783 Washington County NC
3. Elizabeth Herrod b 1740 VA d1800 Davidson County TN
(father was)
4. Thomas Harrod b ~1714
(Mother was )
5. Catherine Hunt
(Grandfather was James Harrod b.1658 Bedsfordshire England married to Maria Kent.Immagrated to the New World abt. 1722)
Death: 30 SEP 1855 in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi
Note: Absent from 1860 census; Susan and M.W. living in a hotel with what appear to be daughter who's married to its proprietor 4 5 Quality: 2
( Mary Harrod married Bennett R. Allen. Bennett R. Allen is my 4th great grandfather's uncle) J.M.
Occupation: Canton's location along the Illinois Central Railroad meant that the plac es to stat
and places to eat became very important to the area. The Old Stone House was the first hotel
found in Canton; it was built by Granvill e Cox and Mr. Eubanks. (35) The Canton Pickett of
November 11, 1892 talked about the origins of the Old Stone House. The story said, 'The first manager was W.A. Smith
( The Smith family are related to the Harrod's and the Allen's.)
who occupied it for three or four years...the next owner was Barney Herrod, he managed the hotel about the same period as his predecessor and was eventually stricken with yellow fever which laid him in his grave in 1855. The building was last occupied as a hotel by Mrs. Stone. ..This was Canton's first hotel and at the time afforded ample accomodations for
strangers who stopped here.' " 6 Quality: 2
Event: DeathCause
Note: yellow fever 5 Quality: 2

Marriage 1 (2) Susan WELLS b: BET 1805 AND 1812 in Mississippi
Married: 08 SEP 1822 in Franklin County, Mississippi 3 7
Census: 1850 in Madison County, Mississippi
Barnabus Herrod 46 M Inn Keeper $160 TN
Susan 38 F $4000 MS
Celestine 12 F MS
Massatilla? 10 F MS
Bennett 6 M MS
Missouri A. 4 F MS
Montfort Jones 50 M Planter $42,560 VA
Isiah M. Simmons 35 M Lawyer TN
T. McClure 26 M Butcher NC
Mary HERROD b: ABT 1825 in Mississippi
Celestina Letitia HERROD b: JUL 1836 in Mississippi
Massatilla HERROD b: ABT 1840 in Mississippi
Bennett HERROD b: ABT 1844 in Mississippi
Missouri A. HERROD b: BET 1846 AND 1847 in Mississippi

9. BENNETT R. (RICHARD?)2 ALLEN (RICHARD R.1)17 was born 1814 in Dickson County, TN, and died in Madison
County, MS. He married MARY HERROD 24 Aug 1840 in Madison County, MS, daughter of BARNABAS HERROD and SUSAN.
She was born 1825 in Madison County, MS, and died in Madison County, MS.
found on 1850 Census for Madison County, MS
found on 1860 Census for Madison County, MS
He was Tax Assessor and also owned a big Hotel in Canton which his wife inherited from her father.
Occupation: 1870, Deputy Sheriff - Canton, Madison County, MS
Children of BENNETT ALLEN and MARY HERROD are:
i. CORNELIUS A.3 ALLEN, b. 1841, Madison County, MS.
ii. BARNIBUS B. ALLEN, b. 1844, Madison County, MS.
iii. CALEDONIA ALLEN, b. 1846, Madison County, MS18,19.
iv. SARAH ALLEN, b. 1848, Madison County, MS.
v. CELESTIN ALLEN20, b. 1854, Madison County, MS.
vi. ELIZABETH ALLEN, b. 1856, Madison County, MS.
vii. EUGENIA ALLEN, b. 1859, Madison County, MS.
viii. CORNELIA ALLEN, b. 1861, Madison County, MS.
ix. BENNETT ALLEN, b. 1862, Madison County, MS.
x. CHARLES ALLEN, b. 1866, Madison County, MS.

Next family, and my 4th great grandparents, JM

11. JOHN BRAXTON3 ALLEN (WILLIAM H.(HODGES?)2, RICHARD R.1) was born 09 Oct 1809 in Dickson County,
TN, and died Mar 1860 in Attala County, MS. He married (1) ELIZABETH HERROD 1828 in Near Canton, MS,
daughter of JAMES HERROD and ELIZABETH MCCARTY. She was born 11 Sep 1811 in Dickson County, TN, and
died Bef. Jun 1850 in Attala County, MS. He married (2) NANCY A. CONN Aft. 1850. She was born Abt. 1828.

Next family,

Elizabeth Ann Allen born 1812 in Montgomery Co.Tennessee. She is the daughter of William H. Allen and Mary , believed to be Choctaw or Chickasaw
married 4. Josiah (Joseph) HERROD b: Abt 1807 in Probably Stewart County, Tennessee son of James Harrod and Elizabeth McCarty.

The Harrod's, Allen's and the McCarty's all moved together from Tennessee to fist Morengo Co. Alabama and then together into Mississippi.
James Harrod born about 1765 in North Carolina is last found
living next door to his son in law Major John Braxton Allen in Attala County Mississippi as shown here in this census,

38 207 207 Allen John B.40 M Farmer 1,000 Tenn
39 207 207 Allen Amos 20 M Miss
40 207 207 Allen Catherine 18 F Miss
41 207 207 Allen Daniel 10 M Miss
42 207 207 Allen Tennessee 9 F Miss

CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE: MS COUNTY: Attala DIVISION: Township 13 R 3E REEL NO: M432-368 PAGE NO: 109B
REFERENCE: Enumerated on Sept 3rd-11, 1850 by E. H. Sanders, Ass't Mars
1 207 207 Allen Westly 6 M Miss ******
2 207 207 Allen Prudence 3 F Miss
3 207 207 Allen John F. 9/12 M Miss
(Note; Elizabeth Harrod Alled died 1849 )
4 208 208 Harrod James 85 M . Farmer 1,000 Tenn
5 208 208 Harrod Margaret 40 F Tenn Idiot
6 208 208 Harrod John 45 M Tenn . . . .
1850 Attala County census
First born son of James Harrod and Elizabeth McCarty

31 59 59 Herod Jacob 58 M Farmer 6,000 6,300 Tenn
32 59 59 Herod C. 50 F SC
Catherine McKay
33 59 59 Herod Jacob, Jr. 16 M Labourer Miss
34 60 60 Herod James 20 M Farmer 2,400 800 Miss
35 60 60 Herod E. 17 F Miss.
Note here;Major John Braxton was an exceedingly wealthy man and he estimates his worth as $1,000.00 dollars.
Jacob Herod estimates his worth at $12,300.00

2nd born son of James Harrod b. 1765 m. Elizabeth McCarty

131B 5 Herrod James 46 S Carolina 1804 S.Carolina
131B 6 Herrod Hana 50 N Carolina 1800 N. Carolina
Hana Ratliff
131B 7 Herrod Elizabeth 23 Ala 1827 Alabama
131B 8 Herrod John 20 Miss
131B 9 Herrod Sarah 17 Miss
131B 10 Herrod Caroline 15 Miss
131B 11 Herrod Mary 12 Miss
131B 12 Herrod George 13 Miss
131B 13 Herrod Charles W. 10 Miss
131B 14 Herrod Permelia 9 Miss
131B 15 Herrod Prudence 7 Miss

An amazing document,
Agreement by James Herrod
15th day of March AD, 1855
Deed between James Herrod & Daniel Moore
Book N, page 469
James Herrod Deed to Daniel Moore} Received for record 20th March
Recorded March 30th AD 1855. The deed made and executed this 18th day of March AD 1855 by James Herrod to Daniel Moore witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of eight hundred and seventy eight dollars & twenty cents to me in hand paid I the said James Herrod have bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain, sell and convey to the said Daniel Moore and his heirs the west half of the
Southeast quarter and the west half of the south west quarter & E 1/2of SE 1/4 of Section 30 and the E 1/2 of the E 1/4 of Section 31 NE 1/4, & NE 1/4 of Sec 31 & N 1/2 of N 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec 31 all in township No. 7 of Range 3 East; also the __ of Lot No. 1 of Section No.5 of Township No. 7 of Range 3 East all in Madison County and containing by estimation four hundred sixty acres more or less. And I
do warrant the right and title to the said land myself and heirs and all other persons legally claiming the same to him and his heirs. In testimony of which I have herewith set my hand and seal the day and date above written.
James Herrod (My 5th great grandfather) JM
by his attorney & ___ John B. Allen
State of Mississippi, Atalla County} Personally appeared before me E M Nells Judge of the Probate in and for said County
John B. Allen (Major John Braxton Allen my 4th great grandfather) JM
who acknowledged that he signed sealed and delivered the foregoing deed and by attorney per
James Herrod
in the day and year here in mentioned. 15th
day of March AD, 1855
Given under my hand and seal this day E M Nells Judge of Probate,
Atalla County

Daniel Moore is decended from the same family as Sara Moore who married John Harrod. They are the parents of Colonal James Harrod who founded Harrod's Station in Kentucky.

One more thing.
Margaret Harrod born abt. 1810 listed as an Idiot was born with Downs Syndrone. She lived with my 3rd great grandfather Wesley Dow Allen until her death in about 1880. My great grandmother who was the daughter of Wesley Dow Allen told my mother about her.

Sorry if this is long. I don't know how to make it shorter. There's so much more here, I could go on for 50 pages showing the connections, twists, and turns here,


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  1. My name is John Meyer. I wrote this sometime ago. After a considerable time spent researching the Herod, Herrod, Harrod families I have come to the following conclusions.
    Every tombstone at all cemeteries where the children of James Herod b. 1765 are engraved Herod. A linked Herrod to the James Herod b.1765 in Mississippi are the James Tucker Herrod family. This James Tucker Herrod is rhe son of Jacob Herrod the purported brother of James Herod b, !765. I can find no proof that any of the Herrod's are related to the Herod's.
    All of the Harrod family graves known to be associated to Colonial James Harrod from Kentucky are all engraved Harrod.

  2. Thank you for you post. I am researching my husband's family for him. Here is his direct path... starting with him and working the way back -

    Glenn John Jackson
    son of Glenn Wayne Jackson
    son of Marsh Glenn Jackson
    son of Olen Glenn Jackson
    son of John Colby Jackson
    son of Henry C. Jackson AND Mary Louise Herod

    Mary Louise Herod is the daughter of
    Thomas Jefferson Herod
    son of James Herod (and Hannah Ratliff)
    son of James Herod (and Elizabeth McCarty)
    son of James Herod (and Elizabeth [Maiden name?] Herod Hogan)
    who if I followed your notes correctly is the son of Thomas Herod/Herrod/Harrod? who was born in England and immigrated with his parents (about 1722) James Herod is HIS father.

    I am of firm belief that a son named James with a mother named Elizabeth should NOT marry an Elizabeth and have a son named James... my head is spinning.

    I haven't had a chance to look at all of your research but I thank you for making my life easier by posting it for me to find.

    Amy Owens Jackson

  3. There is no proof that the Daniel Moore in that document with James Herrod is descended from the Moores that tie into the Herrods. Just part of John Meyers wild imagination.

    Daniel Moore was married to Mary Jane McCarty, daughter of Joseph McCarty, brother of Elizabeth McCarty Herrod. Their parents were Jacob and Catherine Standley McCarty of Stewart Co Tn. Jacob has just recently been proved with documentation to be the son of Daniel & Agnes McCarty of Lincoln Co Nc. Now you know where Daniel McCarty Herrod got his name!

    If you would like to contact me I can provide more information.