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Name: Giles CARTER
Given Name: Giles
Surname: Carter
Sex: M
Birth: 1634 in Stanway, Gloucester, England
Death: Abt 1699 in Henrico Co., VA
From OFT db=billhusler Bill Husler :
may have coat of arms labeled F135

Parents: Assumed to be Gyles CARTER, Esq. of Cold Aston and Lady Elizabeth TRACY (See note 1)
Born: about 1634, probably in Gloucestershire, England, To Virginia by 1653 (See note 2 )
Died: 1700/1, Henrico Co., VA

Giles was apparently literate; he signed his name to documents.

Parents: Three possibilities: James CREWES John ROWEN or William SEWELL (See note 3)
Born: I don't know when or where. She must have been younger than Giles, to have had a child after 1681.
Died: after 2 Apr 1702, when she probated Giles's will.

Hannah signed documents with the letter H or X

Marriage - Before 1670. They had at least three children by 1676.
[Did Giles have another wife before Hannah?]

Children (See note 4)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

7 Apr 1653 Giles CARTER was a headright for a land grant of Wm. FRY on the Chichamony(sic) River [in James City Co.]
[I don't know when he was transported or if he was bonded for his transportation.]

1 May 1662 The will of John ROWEN of Henrico Co gives Giles CARTER a cow and the use for one year of a house and land on Rowen's Turkey Island estate. 2 John ROWEN was the stepfather? of Daniel and John PRICE; Daniel PRICE later married Susannah, daughter of Giles CARTER. One of the witnesses of this will was Margaret CREWS, daughter of Daniel LLEWELLYN and considered by some to have been the wife of James CREWES; if so, she must have died before 1676.

Before 1676 Apparently Giles CARTER was employed by, or associated with, Captain James CREWES who owned a large plantation in Henrico. Crewes was a merchant and acted as agent for Daniel LLEWELLYN
(Virginia Colonial Records, Vol. II, pages 8, 10, 22, 29, 50, etc.). CREWES became involved in Bacon's Rebellion and was sentenced to death and hanged on January 24, 1677.
(Minutes of the Council and General Court of VA, pages 455, 528) pp 34-40

23 Jul 1676 James CREWES' will was executed, and Giles CARTER presented it to Court. It was proved Dec. 10, 1677, but not entered until Aug. 2, 1680. By his will CREWES gave Mary, daughter of Giles CARTER, 10,000 pounds of tobacco and certain household goods, to be paid in three years after his decease, the interest hereof to be towards her clothing. Susan CARTER 10,000 pounds of tobacco and household goods, to be payd as above. Hannah, wife of Giles CARTER, a negro maid Kate. Giles CARTER all that Carter owed him and also the life use with his wife Hannah of the plantation where Carter lived on Turkey Island. The will also mentions Theodorick and the "rest of the children of Giles and Hannah." He left his best suits and coats to Daniel PRICE [who later married Susannah, daughter of Giles CARTER].

He gave all the balance of his estate to his cousin Mathew CREWES, who was named as executor. He mentioned neither a wife nor children. (Henrico County Wills and Deeds 1677-1692, page 137). p 54

10 Dec 1677 Giles CARTER brings the will of Capt. James CREWS, dec'd, to Court p 143 (Index to Colonial Records [D&W] 1677-1692, Vol. 1, p 30)

30 Apr 1679 Under "an act for the defence of the country against the incursion of the Indian Enemy" a tithe was levied to fit out men, horses, and arms. Giles CARTER of Turkey Island was listed with 6 tithes.(Order Book & Wills 1678-1693, pp 38/39) p 143 [This poll tax included the taxpayer, his sons, and his servants.]

Apr 1680 Deposition of Giles CARTER, aged about 46. p 143 (Order Book & Wills 1678-1693, p 57)

1679-1696 Many items, such as jury service, court appearances, estates, debts, etc. pp 143-147 5

28 Feb 1684 William COCKE recorded a deed for land sold to GilesCARTER. On Turkey Island Mill Run beginning at upper beaver dam. p 41

24 Aug 1684 - "Wm. RANDOLPH of Varina Parish, Henrico Co. Gent. from Giles CARTER & Hannah(X), his wife, of Parish & C. afsd. 20 pounds strl., 60 a. which was by the last will & testament of Capt. James CREWES (dated, 23 AUG 1676) given unto sd. Giles & Hannah CARTER being part of ye dividend of land or plantation at Turkey Island of which sd. Crewes died seized, wch. Tract of land or plantation is since purchd. by sd. Wm. Randolph of ye heir & exor. of Sd. Crews, decd. as by conveyance dated 24 Augt 1684. Recd. 1 April 1685 Vol. 3, p 1380 6 (Henrico Co. Records 1677-1691, p 302) [The Avant book (p 145) gives the date as 25 Feb 1684/5, and says 50 acres.]

25 Aug 1684 William RANDOLPH acquired the entire 500-acreplantation from the heirs of James CREWES in exchange for "three acres and fifteen pounds of lawful money of England."(Henrico Co. Records 1677-1691, p 303) Vol. 3, p 1380 6

15 Mar 1685? Deed from Wm. COCKE to Giles CARTER for 59 acres, between Wm. COCKE and his brother Jno. p 145 5

15 Mar 1685? Deposition of Robt BULLINGTON as to a game of dice in which Giles CARTER won 500 lbs. of tobacco from Chas.STEWARD p 145 5

4 Feb 1686 Upon the petition of Giles CARTER, one of ye surveyors of the highways, that he is ancient, weak and sickly and therefore uncapable of performing his sd. office. It is ordered that he be released and discharged from ye same. p 149 5 (Henrico Co Colonial Records, Vol. 2, p 229) [He would have been 52 years of age if he was born in 1634.]

1 Jun 1686 Payments to Giles CARTER as his legacy from the estate of James CREWES, dec'd p 146 (Henrico Co. Colonial Records [D&W] 1677-1692, Vol 1, p 369)

1 Jun 1687 The will of Wm. Humphrey decd. proved by oath of Capt. Wm. RANDOLPH,a witness thereto; & order for probat thereof granted Margarett, wife of Maurice FLOYD, ye Exectrx. therein named. Robt. POVALL & Jno.WATSON enter themselves securities. Giles CARTER, John ANOT, Robert POVALL & Danl. PRICE appointed appraisers of p. 1299

1 Jun 1687 Certificate granted to Giles CARTER for 800 acresof land for the importation of 16 persons. p 41

2l Oct 1687 Giles CARTER (along with Robert WOODSON, Richard FERRES/FERRIS, Wm. FERRIS & Roger CUMMINS) patented 1780 acres, Henrico Co., Verina Par., N. side of James Riv., at the White Oak Swamp.

About 1690 In a three-way division of the land after Wm FERRIS & Roger CUMMINS relinquished their part, Giles CARTER received about 552 acres. p 145 (Per Dawson, Deed Book 1688-97, p 126) [100 years after the granting of this patent, John CARTER, agrandson of Giles, in his will, gave to his son John, a piece of land at the White Oak Swamp] p 42

20 Sep 1692 Giles CARTER and Robert(X) POVALL, securities for Susanna PRICE's administrationon the estate of Danll. PRICE, dec'd. (Henrico Co. Records 1688-1697, p 356) Vol. III, p 1300)

1 Aug 1694 Giles CARTER, Senr. acknowledgeth a conveyance of 550 acres of land unto John COCKE; Hannah acknowledgeth her Right of Dower.
Same day John COCKE acknowledge conveyance of fifty acres to Giles CARTER.
Same day Giles CARTER acknowledged Deeds of Gift to his sons Theodorick and Giles.
(Henrico Colonial Record, Vol. 2, p 201) p 147

Same day Giles and Theodorick CARTER witness a deed of Richard COCKE, Jr. of Charles City Co to Thomas WILLIAMSON of Henrico Co. [Thomas was married to Giles' daughter Susannah before 1696.] (STANARD's Index to Colonial Deeds, Wills, etc., Henrico Co, 1688-1697, p 504) p 147
14 Sep 1699 Giles executed his will. He died in 1700/1.

2 Feb 1701/2 Hannah CARTER was granted probate of the will of her husband, Giles CARTER.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2 Mar 1701 Theodorick CARTER sold to John PLEASANTS 50 acres on N. side of James River in Henrico County, which was given to him by his deceased father, Giles CARTER, and was adjoining his father's land on Turkey Island Run and known as the Low ground. p 149 (Henrico Co., VA Records, p 257)

10 Dec 1701 A deed was recorded at the court held at Varina for 550 acres sold by John COCKE to Thomas WILLIAMSON. The land was described as a parcel sold to COCKE by Giles CARTER, Sr. p 43

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


NOTE 1. The parentage of Giles has not been established by known records;

No will has been found for his assumed father. It is considered possible that he might be the son of Giles CARTER, who came from Gloucestershire to Virginia in 1621 on the ship SUPPLY and returned to England on the same ship. The 1621 voyage was organized through the Virginia Company by William TRACY, a cousin of Lady Elizabeth. pp 98-107 4 I have research reports that allege to trace the Carter and Tracy families far back into the Middle Ages.

NOTE 2. I wonder if his arrival in Virginia about 1653 was related to the political scene in England; 1653 was the beginning of the Cromwell years. During the preceding "Great Rebellion of 1642-48, Giles CARTER (his supposed father) was sequestered and compounded for 968 pounds, 17 shillings. p 104

NOTE 3. Most researchers consider that James CREWES was Hannah's father, based on the generosity of his 1676 will. In 1680 Crewes' niece and nephew challenged the will (declaring that Crewes died leaving neither a widow nor children). The challengers prevailed. (Henrico Co. Records 1677-1697, pp 302, 303, 306)

(More about James CREWES and a possible wife in Genealogies of VA Families, Wm. & Mary Quarterly, Vol. III, pp 216-218)

(More in Giles Carter of Virginia, pp 104/5, describing connections between CARTERs and CREWEs in Gloucestershire)

Researcher Leslie D. Dawson suggests that William T. SEWELL might be the father of Hannah, for the following reasons:

He volunteered as security (along with Theodorick CARTER) on 1 June 1696 for an estate matter by Susanna, daughter of Giles I. p 494 (Henrico Co. Order Book 1694-1701, p 110)

He gave a horse to the child, Giles II, before 1699;
He was a witness to the 1699 will of Giles I;
He was chosen by Giles II as his guardian in 1704;
(Henrico Co. Wills and Deeds 1697-1704, pp 256 & 279)
(Henrico Co. Orphan's Court Book 1677-1739, p 91)

He chose Giles II as his sole heir and executor in 1725.
(Henrico Co. Wills and Deeds 1725-37, p 2)

NOTE 4. Their children named in James CREWES' 1676 will were Mary, Susan, and Theodorick CARTER.

Children named in Giles' 1699 will were: Theodorick Susannah, wife of Thos. WILLIAMSON Mary, wife of Thomas DAVIS Ann, wife of James DAVIS Giles, under 18 years old [Note: Susannah was previously married to Daniel PRICE.]

[Leslie D. Dawson says there was another son, William, who died in 1743 in King George County, VA (Will Book A-1, p 164; Order Book 2, p 369; Inventory #1, p 313)]
Giles Carter came to Virginia with his uncle and aunt, William and Mary Tracy, his first cousins, Joyce and Thomas Tracy. They sailed on the ship Supply out of Bristol,England destined for Berkely Hundred on 9/25/1620. After the massacre of the settlers by Indians in 1620, Giles with his cousin Thomas Tracy returned to England. Giles' cousin,Joyce and her husband Captain William Powell were killed in the massacre. Giles remained in England, but his son Giles and his wife Hannah returned to Virginia. Giles Carter came to Virginia with Willam Tracy, his uncle,and Mary, Tracys wife, their daughter Joyce their son, Thomas Tracy, 1st cousins, Giles and Alexander Broadway. They sailed on the Supply out of Bristol, destined for Berkely Hundred on the 25, September 1620. After the massacre of 1622 Giles with his cousin Thomas Tracy, returned to England. Giles Carter's 1st cousin and the sister of Thomas Tracy. Joyce and her husband , Captain William Powell, were killed during the Indian massacre. Giles Carter remained in England, but his son Giles Carter, Jr. returned with his wife, Hannah, to Virginia.

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