Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wiley Vinson Cemetery

From Thornton take FM 2749 south to LCR 728. Turn left and go 1.6 miles. Vinson Cemetery is on the right, just past King Cemetery.

Wiley and Phebe Vinson came to Texas from Alabama in 1851 and operated a grist mill and tanning yard. In 1870 Wiley Vinson donated 1/2 acre of land for the cemetery. Wiley Vinson died in 1871 and was the first person to be buried there.

Vinson Cemetery was restored in 1962 by members of the Fox Family Cemetery Association who continue to maintain it. They are descendants of Wiley Vinson.

This is a complete recording of this all existing headstones in this cemetery as of Aug, 2003. There are perhaps other unmarked graves.

- Bruce Jordan

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