Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thomas Claiborne...

"Clariborne of England and Virginia: The arms of this family which appear on the seal of William Claiborne, Secretary for the Colony of Virginia and founder of the Virginia family, is the same as that of the family of Cliburne of Westmoreland, England, "Ar, three chevrons enterlaced in a base sa, a chief of the last" (Burke gen. Armory; 56 V. 433)

The English connection of their family was long in doubt but same was finally established by Dr. Clayton Torrence, Director and Corresponding Secretary, of the Va. Historical Society. His interesting and exhaustive search is described in the Va. Historical Mag. (Vol. 56, pp.328-343; 431-460).

Thomas Cleyborne, the elder, of the Parish of St. Margaret, Borough of King's Lynn, Norfolk, merchant, was the grandfather of Sec. Wm Claiborne. Thomas was admitted free of King's Lynn in 1552/53. He was Mayor of the Borough of King's Lynn in 1573; Justice of the Peace, 1574; Alderman, 1587. His will was dated Dec. 1, 1581, probated May 21, 1582. He desired to be buried "in the parish church of St. Margarets' in King's Lynn near the Sepelture of my late wife" After many bequests to the church and charity he bequeather to "Dorothy Clayborn my daughter L. 330, of which L. 150 shall be paid to her on marriage and the other L. 150 within one year immediately following, to her one of my best silver bows; to Kathrine Clayborne my daughter (the same); to my said daughters for their maintence until their marriages L. 20 apiece yearly payable quarterly; to my brother George Revelye, clerk, I forgive him his debts to me; to Johan, wife of Wm Lawrence, L. 10 equally divided amongst them; to Anne Baxter, my daughter in law L. 50 which I have of to be paid at day of marriage. To Michael Revett, notary public the writer hereof. The residue of my goods and chattels, whom I make executor." Wits. Thomas Clayborn, Jr. Michal Revett, notary (P. C. C. 24 Thire white) (For futher evidence as to identity of persons mentioned in will see discussion 56 V. 447)"

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