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Ambrose Blackburn

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Subject: [BLACKBURN-L] Notes on Ambrose Blackburn Sr.
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 12:26:31 EDT

I guess it's time to jump into the dicussion about Ambrose Sr. I have gone
thru some of the material that I have and came up with the following items.

1) "Ambrose Blackburn m. Elizabeth Jones, a relative of Gabriel Jones" - The
Blackburn Genealogy by Vinnetta Wells Ranke, p. 68. There is NO documention,
wills, clues etc to support this statement.

2) "Ambrose Sr probably came from Ireland. Ambrose Sr is SAID TO HAVE
MARRIED ELIZABETH JONES", p 18, The Benj. Blackburn Family by W. A.
Challacombe. Again, no documentation, no wills, no deeds, no clues.

3) Elias Blackborn (son of Christopher and Abigail, b. abt 1690). several
children, one named Ambrose (b., abt 1720 d 1813), married Susanna, named in
his will, as well as his children. Also at the same time there is another
Ambrose Blackburn m. Clara Lundrum, m. abt 1798, named as husband in a land
inheritance dispute in the Ludrum family. All of the people lived in Essex
and Caroline Co, Va, born and died there. Neither of these two Ambrose could
be ours, too much documentation to the continuous living in Essex and Caroline
cos, Va - "The Blackburn Family of Essex and Caroline Cos, Va" by Mrs. Bessie
Gahn, Washington DC chapt of DAR.
...for those of you who have tracked this, there is a good posibility that
Christopher was married twice, the above Abigail was #2, the first Katherine
who appears on two deed records, and the Ambrose were all hunting was from
wife #1. The clue is in Christopher's will, in that he states, "this be my
last will and testamt; revoking and annulling all other Wills either by word
or writing by me formerly made and this onely to be and stand in full
4) "Ambrose Sr" probably born in Ireland". No wife is mentioned. p. 126
"Blackburn Family" by Mrs. Claud Fitts, Mrs. James George, Mrs. John Thigpen,
Mrs Gordon Smith, Georgia Society DAR, Cherokee Chapter - Atlanta. This book
does mentin the following: William Blackburn, b. 1653 England, m. Elizabeth
________, lived in Glouster Parish, Va, had several children, but Hannah b.
abt 1720 m. CHARLES JONES in 1743 and her sister, Millicient b. 1727, married

5) Ambrose Sr. m. Hannah Ashley and had dau Ann born 1750 in Rowan Co
(present day Surry Co), NC, Ann m. John Reynolds (their son was John Ashley
Reynolds)...History of Surry and History of Wilkes co, under the Reynolds
family. There is no other wife mentioned anywhere in any deeds, signing of
dower rights, wills etc. Also, no other children are named in connection to
the above Hanna Ashley. Could she have been a second wife? With what we know
about Ambrose Sr sons, this is possible. What we have confirmed is that
Ambrose had the following children:
Augustine - deed of gift, named as son. M. Elizabeth ________, she is named
in a
land sale, as Augustine and Elizabeth were living in Wilkes Co, but the
land was
in Stokes Co.
Newman - deed of gift, his will states his wife's name was Elizabeth
Ambrose Jr. - deed of gift, and a bond posted to administer the estate of his
Ambrose sr, 1777 in Surry co, NC.
...will of Robert Cook, 1 jan 1780, mentions dau Mary Blackburn living at
home, and Ambrose Blackburn is Jr. is the exr of estate.

6) 1768 Rowan Co, NC Tax returns, Upper Dan River Lists Ambrose Blackburn Sr
with Ambrose Jr. and Augustine living with him. Next door is Newman
Blackburn, William Halbort and Thomas Smether Hill in same household (Thomas
Smathers Hill is named in his fathers will, and his sister Elizabeth m. a
Halbert, first name unknown). also in same neighborhood is James Charles (see
below). No Jones family is listed.


1) Mary Hill is the daughter of Rev. William Hill jr (`1737-1792) and Hanniah
Elizabeth Halbert (1742-abt 1811). she married one Osborn Childress in Stokes
Co, NC
.2) Joel Halbert came from Wales to Va abt 1725, he married ElIZABETH JONES
(dau of Frances Randolph and John Jones) m. abt 1740 in Caroline co, Va and
they had the following children:
John Halbert
William Halbert m. Elizabeth Hill
Joel Halbert
Martha Halbert m. Robert Hill
Elizabeth Halbert m. William Hill
Francis Halbert m. AMBROSE BLACKBURN SR.
...this is from GENEALOGIES OF VA FAMILIES Vol III, from Va, Magazine of
History and Bio.

3)...Bond of oct 1754 in Caroline co, va names Joel Halbert, who daughter is
Sarah, now wife of James Charles....Deed of Jan 1757 Caroline Co, names Sarah
Halbert Charles as great grandaughter of John Cook...John cook m.____, their
daughter Mary Cook m. William Halbert, and their son Joel m. ElLIZABETH
FRANCIS JONES about 1735.

4) William Hill d. 1777 in Surry Co, NC. His will states childrens names,
dau Elizabeth HALBERT.
5) there are several deeds, bill of sales etc. in Surry and Stokes Co, that
have the Blackburns, Hills and Halberts as wits. for each other and with each
other for othe people.
6) Hannah Blackburn m. Charles Jones 27 aug 1743, Middlesec Co, Va....Ambrose
Jones died nov 1792 in NC, married Cahterine Collins in NC.

Sorry this is kind of long, but I have been collecting bits and pieces of
stuff. I hope this info will help some of you all to sort out who Ambrose Sr.
was married to. If anyone can add to this, jump right in!
Chris Schupp Tomlin
Ambrose Sr - Augustine - William - Eli Augustine - Nancy Caroline -Ada
Childress - Naomi Garris - Chris line

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