Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jasper Crane

Jasper Crane, son of Jasper Crane and his wife Alice ______, was born 2 April 1651 in East Haven, CT.
He removed with his parents to NJ.
In Newark NJ 1684 he purchased property of Robert Lyman who had returned to England.
He was a member of the Assembly 1704 in Cornbury's time & also a magistrate.
He and his brothers John and Deliverance owned seats in the 1st Church in Newark. He was chosen by popular vote to fill office of fence viewer, surveyor of highways, constable, & selectman as well as committeeman, deputy to the Provincial Assembly 1697-1702, to see about settling the minister & the boundary controversy between Newark and Elizabeth.
He received two warrants for land one 27 April 1694 & the other 10 April 1696--120 acres located on branches of the Elizabethtown River.
Jasper Crane has a house lot located on the map of Newark published in 1806 at the corner of High & Market Streets.
He located in the part of Newark called Cranetown, afterwards West Bloomfield, now Montclair. He & brother Azaraith occupied most of the westerly side of town.
He died age 62 6 March 1711/12 in Newark, NJ
His tombstone stood in the Presbyterian churchyard on Broad St, Newark.

Joanne Swaine, daughter of Capt Samuel Swaine and Joannah ______ his wife, was born in 1651.
She died age 69 16 Sept 1720 in Newark NJ.

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