Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephen Cole

Mrs. Stephen COLE, probably nee Elizabeth TEMPLE, is thought to have
arrived in the colonies in 1725, possibly already a widow. Could have been
b. in Ireland, Scotland, Wales 1662. Some researchers connect this family
to the Stephen Cole family of Twickenham, England, but Paul Cole has
personally searched the records there and adamantly denies this possibility.
"The Twickenham COLEs (include) several Stephens who all died in
Stephen/Elizabeth had the following children:
Elizabeth COLE b. 1691 Ireland m. Thomas Wilcox.
Mark COLE b. 1693 Ireland.
James COLE b. 1695 Wales m. Mary ? (These are yours).
John COLE b. 1697 Wales.
Stephen COLE Jr. b. 1700 Wales.
Stephen COLE Jr. and wife Martha Hunter lived in Chester Co., PA, with
Stephen's mother Elizabeth, in the same house. Elizabeth is buried in Old
St. Paul's Episcopal Cemetery, Chester, PA. Gravestone states that she was
born 1662 and died 24 Sept. 1732. (Paul Cole told me he visited the grave
there one Christmas). Stephen Cole Jr. b. 1700 d. January 4, 1744, Chester,
PA, is buried in Old St. Paul's Episcopal Cemetery, Chester, PA. According
to Paul, Stephen's will "is thus far the earliest and most important
document concerning the first COLEs."
Stephen COLE Jr.'s son John COLE b. 1728 seems to be the most
thoroughly researched individual from this family (Rockingham Post Dispatch,
Aug. 11. 1927...and even this account confuses immigrant bro. John with
Stephen's son John). I have notes from many different researchers, and they
all seem to descend from John Cole m. Jane Bounds.
Originally the other three immigrant brothers seem to have migrated
together with the Rentfroes and VanBibbers from PA>VA. I find James, John
and Mark in Robinson's Company 1742 according to "Kegley's VA Frontier" p.
91. On page 93 "The Cole land was the land on Buffalo Creek which later
became Capt. Robinson's and finally the Glebe land on which stood the old
Glebe mill." The main river of Roanoke was called Goose Creek. North
Branch, now Tinker Creek, was Buffalo Creek. (Kegley).
John COLE is granted 300 acres on Roanoke by (Col.?) William Lewis.
In the attack on Vause's Fort in Augusta, VA, 1756, ? Cole is taken
prisoner. Other names mentioned are Robinson and Calloway. (The Calloway
name pops up quite often, even into NC. Daniel Boone's dau m. Flanders
If I remember correctly, a good source of information for your
immigrant ancestor James COLE is "The Cole Family" compiled by R. Voyt Hill.
I'm sorry I don't have a copy, and I'm not sure if it's still in print.

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