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John Hand

1342. John Hand. Born ca 1611 in Stanstede Parish, Kent. John died on 24 Jan 1660 in East Hampton, LI.

Will: John's Will:
the data down to the signature line is not the correct legalese for a will and reads as it the inventory preparers were stating the previously given monies and the elimination of Alice's 1/3 widow dower.
Source: Records of the Town of East Hampton, Long Island, Suffolk Co., NY with Other
Ancient Documents of Historic Value Volume One Book 2, Page 73

The last will and testament of John Hand Senior lately deceased while he had pfect vnderstandinge attested by Thomas James and James Mulford whome he desired to be overseers of his last will and testament. Impris hee declared yt his eldest sonn John he havinge formerly done for him more than ye rest that he give him 2 pounds and his sonne Stephen and daughter Mary two pounds these to be payd within a yeare after his decease, and that his sonne Joseph shall have the second house lott with the addition to ti if and were laid out and the meadow wch was his at the harbor. That the house and home lott wth the addition and Mill lottand the westerne peece of the Northwest meadow he gave to his wife duringe her life and the rest of his estate hee left with his wife to dispose of it and the younder childrene this hee left with her for bringlnge vp the children duringe the tyme she live a widdow but if she married to have of this accordinge to the order of the Cuntry and the remainder to be equaly divided and disposed of for his five younger children.
Tho: James John Mulford

A true Inventory of ye estate of John Hand Senior Deceased taken January 24 1600 Impris one dwellinge house & barne with 58 ackers & three quarters of vpland and meadowe
Item 4 oxen 3 cowes one steer, come 3 yeare old and 2 calves and 6 swine
Item one fetherbed one boulster and two pillows and two ruggs 4 blanketts and two payer of sheets & 3 pillow burs one tablecloath as also 3 napkins and one yard and quarter of broadcloth
Item one greatt iron pot and one littel pott one brass copper 12 wooden vessells 2 pewter platters and one littel basin one candlesticke and 6 spoones & one dark lanthorne 2 small erthen potts & one fring pan one paier of tongs and one paier of hakes to hang over the fier & two payer of sisers
Item one chest & 1 box and 3 barrells one knedinge trough & one wooden bottell Item 30 pound of woll & 29 po of cotton yarne 2 payer of cards & one payer of stock cards one wooden wheale & one lininge wheale & one payle one pecke and one tunnell. one fouling peece & one carbine one pistol and two swords one broade axe and two narrow axes & 2 brode howes one spade and two iron wedges as also two augers and one wirebit and one gauge one handsaw one hamer one payer of pinsers & 2 sithes one drawinge knife and 3 stubin howes
Item one carte and wheels & boxes 2 chaynes one neb yoke ringe and staple on draught yooke 2 hookes and staples as also one plow wth irons belonging to the same
Item wheate and Indian corne and hay and also one coate
This estate prised See page 66

Book 2, page 66--The Estate of John Hand Prised as followeth:
The dwellinge house & barne wth vpland and meadow belonging to the same we value at 80 pounds
The bedinge Tablecloth and napkins 13 pounds 15 shillings
The pewter spoones and candlesticke 10 shillings
The wooden vessell paile pecke & bottell 14 shillings 4 pense
The barrells Chest box & kneadinge trough 1 pound 3 shillings
The spade houghes wedges & stubinge houghes 1 pound 8 shillings
The augers Chisell gouge hamer pincers & hand saw 13 shilling 6 pence
The axes and sithes 1 poun 1 shilling
The woll yarne wheles and cards 6 pounds 7 shillings
The potts Copper and hakes 3 pounds
The darke Lanthorne & tunell 2 shillings 6 pence
The gunes and swords 2 pounds 18 shillings
The fring pan tongs sisers & drawinge knife 7 shillings 6 pence
The erthen potts and salt seller 1 shilling 8 pence
The bookes and broadclothe 2 pounds 5 shillings
The Cattell and swine 49 pounds
The carte and wheeles boxes chaines yokes ringe and hookes and staples
& plow wth irons to the same 5 pounds eight shillings

The corne hay & coate 13 pounds

Suma 181 pounds 14 shillings 6 pence

On 24 Apr 1634 John married Alice Gransden, daughter of Henry Gransden (ca 1562-26 Oct 1623) & Alice Harris (ca 1580-Sep 1645), in Tunbridge, Kent. Born ca 1613 in Tunbridge, Kent. Alice was baptized in Tunbridge, Kent, on 28 Nov 1613. Alice died ca 1662 in East Hampton, LI.

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