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Cornelis Segerse EGMONT (VAN VOORHOUT) 1
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1599 in Voorhout, Holland
Death: 1678 in Castle Island, Albany County, New York
Note: 2

It is most probable that though Cornelius Segers undoubtedly came direct from Voorhout to this country, he belonged to the original Egmont family of Holland, from which the town of Egmont takes its name. Voorhout is a small place near Leyden, and about 20 miles southwest of Amsterdam. Egmont is about 10 miles west of Schermerhorn and 20 miles northwest of Amsterdam.

INFORMATION from NYGBR 1915 page 346 - Cornelis Segerse van Egmont made a contact with Patroon Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Aug 25, 1643, and sailed from Amsterdam in Sept 1643, on het Wapen van Renssellllaerwyck with his wife and children. On his arrival in the colony of Rensselaerswyck, he took up a farm, formerly occupied by Brant Peelen, on Castle Island, near Albany ( opposite Bethlehem, Albany Co. ). In 1646 he took over Adrian Van-derdonck the other farm on Castle Island, called Welysburgh, thus coming into possession of the entire Island. He was one of the largest farmers, if not the largest, of the period, in Rensselaerswyck. He maintained a brewery on his property as well.In an undated will (1643-8) the sixth child Lysbeth is mentioned as being married and not living with them and therefore not assisting them in "acquiring property, shall recieve as an acknowledgement, one pound Flemish," and nothing else.

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