Friday, April 23, 2010

Dejarnette Family

The DeJarnette Family

The parents of Ellenor deJarnette McGehee were Jean/John and Mary (Mumford) deJarnette:
Jean deJarnette, or "John of Journey", was born in Rochelle, France, ca 1680, of Huguenot descent. Though there are many spellings of the name in use in the U.S., all are descended from him, the first ancestor in this country. The fact that Jean/John wrote "deJarnat" signifies that the family belonged to the Nobility. First mention of the name in France was in 1454 when Jean deJarno acquired the land of the Seguiniere. Antoine deJarno or Jarnaud is mentioned in 1526. Marc deJarno or Jarnaud received the order of Saint-Jean of Jerusalem in 1544, thus acquiring Nobility.
Jean/John was among a great number of French Protestants who immigrated to America after 1685, touching at an English port to get permission before proceeding. In 1690, King William sent a large body of these immigrants to Virginia and, in 1699, 600 more arrived there under the leadership of Phillip DaRichbourg. Jean/John was in this group and was probably granted land in Gloucester Co., VA because the births of his children are recorded there in the Abingdon Parish Register. The Gloucester Co. records were entirely destroyed during the Civil War, but the records of baptisms of the Abingdon Parish were preserved. Also preserved is the petition whereby Jean deJarnette prays for naturalization on 18 Apr 1705. About 1703, Jean married Mary Mumford and they are believed to have had 7 or 8 children before his unrecorded death.

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