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James Bane
August 1742, James "Bean" (Bane) is a soldier in Captain George Robinson's Company in Augusta County, Virginia to fight Indians. His name on the muster list is next to James Burke (from hand-written original muster list).
November 1746: He is on a list of people to build a road from the ridge dividing the waters of New River from the waters of South Branch of the Roanoak to end in a road leading over the Blue Ridge. The name listed next "James Bean" is James Burk.
November 1751. James Patten sold to James Bean, 190 acres by patent, on a branch of Peter's Creek.
Petition of inhabitants from Forks of Roanoke to James Neiley's: Majority have to travel 25 to 30 miles to work on ye road from Reed Creek to Warwick. Petition requests road to be laid off into precincts. Includes...JAMES BANE.
May 1753: James Burk deeded 117 acres to JAMES BANE, part of a tract patented to Burke, 20th September 1748, on Goose Creek, Augusta County, Virginia.
November 1753: Road ordered with William Bryan, overseer, from William Carravan's plantation to William Bryans on Roan Oak (River). Workers included - JAMES BANE.
Military beef and flour provisions were purchased by John Buchanans and Lieut. Joseph McDowel's company, Augusta County, Virginia. James Bean sold them 150 pounds of flour for 15 shillings.
July 1760: James Birk and Lucretia (now) of Cumberland County, North Carolina deeded for 40 pounds to Thomas Walker of Albemarle 100 acres on Goose Creek, William Campbells line. Teste: William Ingles, JAMES BANE, Jno Hawkins. Delivered: Thomas Madison 11 March 1763.
May 1764: JAMES BANE (BEAN) and REBECCA to Thomas Walker, gentleman, for 250 pounds, two tracts: (a) 190 acres on Peter's Creek, conveyed by James Patton, gentleman, to BEAN, 28th November 1751; (b) 117 acres on Goose Creek, a branch of Roanoke, part of 400 acres conveyed by James Burk to BEAN, 18 May 1753, delivered: Col. Andrew Lewis, August 1766.
September 1764: William Preston surveyed for James Bane 420 acres and charged 4 pounds, 3 shillings, 4 pense.
February 1768: Jacob Lorton (x) and Lydia (x) sold to JAMES BANE, for 100 pounds, 560 acres by deed from James Patton, 2 February 1754, on Toms Creek, a pine by the beaver dams; corner Jacob Harmon's land; corner to the Price's land.
1782, the Montgomery County, Virginia tax lists names (__Bean, James Bean/Bane, Jr.)
will of James Bane was probated February 1790 in Montgomery County, Virginia, with no wife mentioned, names the following children: Catherine Keen, James, Neomi Godby, Sarah Smith, Mary McDonald, and Edward.
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