Monday, April 19, 2010

Mary Jane Bane Burke

What a character! I already like her!
Hey Cousin! I, too, am related through Mary Jane Bane m James Burke of "Burkes Garden." Some of the documentation can be gotten from books that have James Burke in them. You knew they were Quakers didn't you?

\Anyway...Mary Burke, daughter of James Burke, marries a Joseph Morphew 9 Oct 1749. You asked where some of this stuff is documented? Well, here goes: Photocopies of the transcription in the Monthly Meeting records for the marriage of James Burk and Mary Jane Bane at Goshen can be obtained by writing to: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399. Wills of Burke and Morphew can be found in "Surry County, NC Wills 1771-1827 pages 20: James Burk Estate. Pages 43 discusses the will of James Burke again. You must remember that James married 1st to Mary Jane Bane and then after her death he marries Lucretia Griffith. There is quite a discussion regarding the will because of Lucretia being the 2nd wife is not willing to 'share the goodies' with children of the 1st wife: Mary Jane Bane. Therefore, there are a few children of Mary Jane Bane that protest in Court about this situation. That is found on page 43 of above named book. Page 43 lists many of the Burks and son-in-law: Samuel Pepper. Interesting reading. Also if you wish to find more info on James Burke check these books out: "The New River Early Settlement" by Patricia Givens Johnson. This book was writted in 1983 and printed by Edmonds Printing Inc. Pulaski, VA. She has written other books that include many of the names that are connected with the history of James Burk and 'Burkes Garden' which include: "James Patton and The Appalachian Colonists," William Preston and The Allegheny Patriots." Another book that will have your attention is: "A History of Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory" by David E. Johnston...written in 1906 with reprint 1969 and published by Commonwealth Press Incorporated First and Berkley Streets, Radford, VA 24141. Do you have any other info on Burk upline? Thanks for taking time to read this message. Looking forward to hearing from you.... Linda


Thanks for the info! I had found James Burk's will (Quaker Yeoman V24#1) online, that's about it. The list of books was very helpful. Loved the story about Mary! It sounds like you're way ahead of me on this but I will give you all I have, not much though...some from LDS which I don't always trust. Anyway, I had John Bourke b c 1600/20 Ireland f/o Richard; Richard Bourke b c1664 Kildare d 1727 f/o John; John b c 1680 Kildare, d 1762 Goshen QS, Chester Co PA. (A John Bourke mentioned in Boston Port Arrivals database, 1715-1716 from Ireland.) John f/o James b 1698 Ulster, d 1783 Surry Co NC. As is usual, not much on the wives--until you get to James! I ran into somebody who was kindly doing parish lookups in VA the list of surnames included Burk, so I'm hoping she will be able to find something. I thought James' will was kind of odd; wonder what his son James did that caused him to be left five whole shillings. The article in Quaker Yeoman said "there seems to be no record of Quaker affiliation in NC." But James and Mary lived at Drapers Meadow, I've read the town was founded by Wm. Penn; the Banes were Quaker; other associated family lines too. I read last night where another ancestor (George Eggers) had two of his sons baptized and his wife did not participate because she was a Quaker. I'll have to find the court documents on the squabble between Mary Jane's children Lucretia...sounds like some things never change! Anyway, if any of this agrees with what you have, let me know, and especially if there are any errors. This is why I am trying to find all the documentation I can. I don't rely on LDS records too much...they have one great-grandfather listed as a woman, and my great-grandmother from another side is completely omitted from the family history! Thanks for taking the time to write! And I'm looking forward to hearing from you again...Mary

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