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More on John Antram

Harriet Stockton Antrim



in trim Family






Vv'e cherish with veneration tlie meniory of our ancestors, for
[•, wisdom and decision of character. Th.ej catne to seek in
America freedom to worship God acc€?rdin^ to the dictates of
I their conscience. Xfc^SGJj'J^^

The two brothers, John and James Antram, were of the
? faith called Friends or Quakers. They hved an honarable and
' upright life; their children following the example set them and
for several generations were true to the faith of their fathers.
\ They were married by Friends' or Quaker ceremony and a.Iso
their children. In sotrie branches that ceremony has been
.. u«;ed until the present time.

John Antram Drcusrht with him a gvint of land or propr^e-

' tor-rig:it, a copy cf which is in this book, zrA also the oldest

C" deeds of property owned by him.. I have other papers and

> deeds of John Antram, but did not think it needfui to publish

them. On some of these papers at his signature is found ihe

'"^ imprints of the seal, which is found in this book, Vv"hich is not to

Ibe found on any state record.^ In this country. With the help

\. of ir we are in. hopes to be able to trace our family -.o tlie o!d

•» country, and in so doing may find them as honorable and up-

' \;^ right as the tv/o brothers we call our ancestors.

This family is noted for keeping homesteads in the family
John Antram's homest^d has been in the family of his old-
■ ■ est son John for six generations, in five of which It has been left
\ from father to son. A part of it is still the homes of t^vo of his
descendants; also the property he left his son Thomas is still
owned by one of that family. His brother James' homestead I
founeral generations. We shall find it of later dates, and in other
rtates;taehomesteadofCaIeb Antram, of Fayette county, Perm-
sylv^nla, is cwTied by 3ne of the third generation.

•- "i;

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