Sunday, April 18, 2010

Silas Morphew

Found on New River Notes

Southern Claims Commission Files were filed by those who had property destroyed or taken
by the Union army during the late unpleasantness. Most of these claims were rejected as
"fortunes of war" but contain some interesting stuff on occasion.

There were no claims filed by anyone in Ashe or Alleghany Co., NC, there are some however
for some surrounding counties which might connect with someone.

Silas Morphew, $395

Watauga County, North Carolina Postoffices and Postmasters

Brushy Flats
Silas Morphew 9/30/1850
Discontinued 4/7/1852, mail to Rotherwood

Levi Morphew 9/16/1857

(2) Joseph Morphew + Mary Burke - 2nd generation. No real changes here. Joseph continues to be invisible. He was so invisible that for years I thought his first name was really James who purchased the 1756+ Deep River, Rowan County, N.C. lands. But recently I reviewed the 1768 Rowan County, N.C. tithable list. Joseph Murphey is listed next to John England. His son Silas Morphew married Elizabeth England, daughter of this John England. And that firmed up the notion Joseph Morphew really existed. Two entries down on the same tithable is James Burk Sr., James Burke Jr.,and Joseph Burk.

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