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Bane- Burk Wedding

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•Boone, Squire 1696
•Brous, Peter 1783
•Burk, James ~1705
•Eckart, Victor ~1871
•Eckart, William~1815
•Eckart, Wm.F. 1843
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•Eggers, Geo 1715
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Chapter 2G: Mordecai Bane

James Bane, father

Alexander Bane, brother

NEW 2002

·Will of James Bane, Sr.

2nd Edition: Morphew-Murphy Story, J.R. Murphy, 1 May 2002


JAMES BANE, the earliest known Bane, was born in Scotland about 1650, possibly at Kirkliston in the Lothian region. He died 1731 Scotland. One record suggests his parents to be John Bane and Elizabeth Clark. His wife’s name is unknown but one listing states her to be Helen Thompson, who is born ~1661 in Lothian and another suggests Jean Chambers who is born ~1661 in Lothian. Both are questionable since neither son names any daughter either Helen or Jean. It is not known for sure if James Bane died in Scotland or came to America. There are two currently known sons, both of which came to America. Please note that Quaker dates prior to 1753 mark the 1st monthly date either as January or sometimes March. That is why the month is not named in the following entries.


Alexander Bane
Born: ~1688 Scotland

Died: unknown

Married: Jane __.

Alexander and Jane Bane were active in the Goshen Quaker settlement at Chester County, Pennsylvania. Both appear at the Quaker marriage of James Burk to Mary Bane, daughter of Mordecai Bane in 1730. In 1734, Alexander again witnessed the Quaker marriage of Mordecai Bane Jr. to Mary Cullen at Goshen. Jane was not a witness this time. Children of Alexander Bane and Jane, as entered on Goshen Quaker records are:

1. Mary Bane was born 26/9th month/1715. Quaker records definitely state this Mary is the daughter of Alexander Bane.

2. William Bane was born 19/8th month/ 1717 and married Margaret __ . The Goshen Quaker records note William and Margaret had two sons: Thomas Bane, born 11/6th month/1747 and buried 29/6th month/1769, and Jonathan buried 4th month 1765.

3. Alexander Bane (Jr.), 17/9th month/1721

4. Daniel Bane, 25/11th month/ 1723

5. Jane Bane was noted on separate non-Quaker record, as a daughter of Alexander Bane of Goshen. Jane married Jonas Chamberlain, an emigrant who settled in Sadsbury, Lancaster County, Pa. and married 8 September 1734. Jonas died 9 August 1771 and Jane died 3 April 1777. There were 9 children.


Mordecai Bane
Born: ~1683 England or Inverness Shire, Scotland

Married 1st to Naomi Medley on 29 December 1705 at St. Pauls Church, Chester

County, Pennsylvania

2nd to Mary Teague on 8 June 1731 with records at Christ Church, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Died: 1747 at Goshen, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Immigrated to America: before 1715

Parents: James Bane (~1650) of Scotland and __

Naomi Medley (the surname is questioned to be Smedley, as a family of Smedleys are recorded in the Goshen Quaker records. There are no Medleys.)

Born: ~1683, location not determined

Died: before 1730 at Chester County, Pennsylvania

Parents: unknown

Mary Teague

Born: about 1687

Died: unknown

Parents: unknown

Mordecai Bane shows up on the Goshen Quaker marriage record of his daughter Mary Bane to James Burk on 11/7th month/1730 with his children, but not his wife. She probably was not alive at this date. In 1734, he and his second wife Mary witness the marriage of Mordecai Bane Jr.

The will of Mordecai Bane written 12/6th month/1745 and proven 12/8th month/1747 - Bane, Mordecai, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Yeoman. Exec and wife: Mary and son Nathan. Children: Mordecai, Nathan, James, Joseph, Samuel, Isaac, Sara, Hannah, Rachel, Barbara, Jane, and Mary Burk

Children of Mordecai Bane and Naomi Medley have only suggestive birth dates. Isaac Bane, Samuel Bane, Rachel Bane, Barbara Bane, Jane Bane and Joseph Bane do not show up in the Goshen Quaker records, and more than one may belong to Mary Teague + Mordecai Bane.

1. Mordecai Bane Jr., born ~ 1708 and married Mary Cullen in __, 1734 at the Goshen Quaker Meeting House. Witnesses to the marriage included in sequence Hannah Bane, James Bane, Mary Bane, Sarah Bane, Nathan Bane, and Mordecai Bane, and earlier on the list Alexander Bane.

2 . Nathan Bane, (born ~ 1708 to 1748 Goshen, Chester County, Pa.) was said to marry on 27 December 1735 to Mary Cock (Cox, Cook, born 3 August 1711 ) and had the following children:

(1) Amy Bane, (born ? and died 1 October 1799) was married to Nathan Cope (son of John Cope and Charity Jefferis) in 1758 Chester County, Pa. Children were: (i) Sarah Cope (15 September 1759 at East Bradford, Chester, County, Pa. and died 10 July 1853, (ii) Hannah Cope (9 January 1762), (iii) Amy Cope (2 December 1763-16 May 1846), (iv) Benjamin Cope (14 September 1765 to 15 December 1845), (v) Abigal Cope (6 September 1767 – 22 March 1823), (vi) Nathan Cope (22 July 1770 - 7 December 1772), (vii) Deborah Cope (6 October 1772 – 20 September 1778), (viii) Charity Cope (23 September 1774 – 10 January 1778), (ix) Edith Cope (11 February 1777 – 23 March 1834), (x) Rebecca Cope (9 October 1781 – 24 January 1846), (xi) Ezra Cope (25 November 1783 - ? Ohio) (Children’s names and dates from David Cope e-mail 4 January 2002.

(2) Sarah Bane, married Thomas Hoopes April 28, 1763

(3) James Bane,” son of Nathan Bane, late of Goshen,” married Ruth Wall, “late of Newberry Township, New York” on 25 April 1765 at the Goshen Quaker Meeting House. This marriage was witnessed by Alexander Bane, Hannah Bane, Abigail Bane, Deborrah Bane, and others.

(4) John Bane

(5) Abigail Bane

(6) Elizabeth Bane married Daniel Hoopes (son of Nathan Hoopes). Children are: (i) Mary Hoopes (13 September 1763), (ii) Nathan Hoopes (6 May 1765), (iii) Eli Hoopes (12 December 1766), (iv) William Hoopes (30 September 1768), (v) George Hoopes (6 September 1770), (vi) James Hoopes (1 October 1772), (vii) Joseph Hoopes (5 February 1775-14 March 1775) (Children’s names and dates from David Cope e-mail 4 January 2002)

(7) Deborah Bane, married Samuel Rea on 14 April 1774.

3. James Bane (Bean), born ~1716, married Rebecca __.

James Bane + Rebecca __ and James Burk + Mary Bane seem to follow similar paths between 1742 and 1760 into Augusta County, Virginia. Sometimes the surname is spelled Bean. The following records for James Bane are recorded at Augusta County, Virginia.




In August 1742, James “Bean” (Bane) is a soldier in Captain George Robinson’s Company in Augusta County, Virginia to fight Indians. His name on the muster list is next to James Burke (from hand-written original muster list).

19 November 1746: He is on a list of people to build a road from the ridge dividing the waters of New River from the waters of South Branch of the Roanoak to end in a road leading over the Blue Ridge. The name listed next “James Bean” is James Burk.

28 November 1751. James Patten sold to James Bean, 190 acres by patent, on a branch of Peter’s Creek.

1752: Petition of inhabitants from Forks of Roanoke to James Neiley’s: Majority have to travel 25 to 30 miles to work on ye road from Reed Creek to Warwick. Petition requests road to be laid off into precincts. Includes...JAMES BANE.

18 May 1753: James Burk deeded 117 acres to JAMES BANE, part of a tract patented to Burke, 20th September 1748, on Goose Creek, Augusta County, Virginia.

24 November 1753: Road ordered with William Bryan, overseer, from William Carravan’s plantation to William Bryans on Roan Oak (River). Workers included – JAMES BANE.

1758: Military beef and flour provisions were purchased by John Buchanans and Lieut. Joseph McDowel’s company, Augusta County, Virginia. James Bean sold them 150 pounds of flour for 15 shillings.

1 July 1760: James Birk and Lucretia (now) of Cumberland County, North Carolina deeded for 40 pounds to Thomas Walker of Albemarle 100 acres on Goose Creek, William Campbells line. Teste: William Ingles, JAMES BANE, Jno Hawkins. Delivered: Thomas Madison 11 March 1763.

16 May 1764: JAMES BANE (BEAN) and REBECCA to Thomas Walker, gentleman, for 250 pounds, two tracts: (a) 190 acres on Peter’s Creek, conveyed by James Patton, gentleman, to BEAN, 28th November 1751; (b) 117 acres on Goose Creek, a branch of Roanoke, part of 400 acres conveyed by James Burk to BEAN, 18 May 1753, delivered: Col. Andrew Lewis, August 1766.

15 September 1764: William Preston surveyed for James Bane 420 acres and charged 4 pounds, 3 shillings, 4 pense.

2 February 1768: Jacob Lorton (x) and Lydia (x) sold to JAMES BANE, for 100 pounds, 560 acres by deed from James Patton, 2 February 1754, on Toms Creek, a pine by the beaver dams; corner Jacob Harmon’s land; corner to the Price’s land.

In 1782, the Montgomery County, Virginia tax lists names (__Bean, James Bean/Bane, Jr.)

The will of James Bane was probated February 1790 in Montgomery County, Virginia, with no wife mentioned, names the following children: Catherine Keen, James, Neomi Godby, Sarah Smith, Mary McDonald, and Edward.

Children of James Bane and Rebecca are therefore: (i) Catherine Bane, who married __ Keen, possibly Michael Keen who is on the 1782 Montgomery County tax list, (ii) James Bane, Jr. (iii) Neomi Bane, who married John Godby on 10 December 1785 at Montgomery County, (iv) Sarah Bane, who married __ Smith, (v) Mary McDonald, (vi) Edward Bane. (Will from David Cope e-mail 19 January 2002.)

4. Sarah Bane, born ~1718

5. Hannah Bane, born ~ 1720

6. Joseph Bane married Parthenia Ellis and had 5 sons and one daughter.

7. Samuel Bane

8. Isaac Bane. James Burke appointed administrator of the estate of Isaac Bane on 18 March 1746 in Augusta County, Virginia.

9. Barbara Bane

10. Jane Bane

11. Mary Bane, born ~1710. The following are Goshen, Chester County, Pennsylvania Quaker records of her marriage which state:



20/5th month/1730: “According to our last meetings order, James Burk and Mary Bane, the daughter of Mordecai Bane, declared their intentions of marriage before this meeting which is granted for their first appearance.” From minutes of monthly meeting held at Goshen.

17/6th month/1730: “James Burk and Mary Bane appeared at this meeting and declared that they continue their intentions of marriage with each other, it being the second time and nothing appearing to obstruct their proceeding. They are left to their liberty to accomplish their said intentions according to good order. Catherine Hains and Jane Bane are appointed to attend their marriages and so that good order to be kept and make report thereof to our next monthly meeting.”

11/7th month/1730: “Whereas James Burke of Goshen in the County of Chester in the Province of Pennsylvania __ and Mary Bane, the daughter of Mordecai Bane of Goshen aforesaid __ having declared their intention of marriage with each other before two monthly meetings of the peoples __ Quaker held at Goshen __ according to the good order __ among them and having consent of parents and relations concerned their said proposal of marriage was permitted by the said Meetings now thsfo? and to certify all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing of their said intentions this 11th day of the seventh month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty they the said James Burk and Mary Bane approved at a public meeting of the said people not together at their public meeting house at Goshen aforesaid and the said James Burke taking the said Mary Bane by the hand did in a solemn name openly declare that he took her and said Mary Bane to be his wife promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto her a faithful and loving husband until death should separate them and then and there in the said assembly the said Mary Bane did in like manner declare that she took the said James Burk to be her husband promising with the assistance of God to be unto him a faithful and loving wife until death should separate them and moreover the said James Burk and Mary – she according to the custom of marriage assuming the name of her husband as a further confirmation thereof did then and there to __ for their hands and __ names are under written being present at the solemnization of the __ marriage and subscription of witnesses thereunto have also to __ __ set our hands the Day and Year above written:

Thomas Evans Hannah Evans James Burk

Aaron James Elizabeth Evans Mary Burk

Alexander Bane Given Williams * * * * * * *

Robert __ Mary James Mordecai Bane

David Davies E__ Golding Nathan Bane

__ __ Elizabeth James James Bane

Thomas Smedley Mary __ Sarah Bane

Thomas Evans Martha Townsend Mordecai Bane Jr.

Joseph Townsend Susanna Parks Sarah Price

Isaac __ Rebecca Jones Hannah James

Thomas Price Jane __ Catherine __

Mordecai James Ruth Jones Margaret Aldridge

Richard Jones Deborah Taylor Elizabeth Brownard

Joseph Maslach Mary Woodward Jane Bane

William Beaunion Alice Taylor

Isaac __ Ann James

John __ Hannah Aldridge

14/7th month/1730: “Friends appointed to attend the marriage of James Burk and Mary Bane. They brought their certificate to be recorded.”

Comment on the Wedding record: There seems to be no Burkes at the wedding – why? The older children of Mordecai Bane (born ~1683 Scotland) are listed at the marriage – Nathan, James, Sarah, and Mordecai Jr. Mary Medley is noticeably absent and may be dead. One lone dissident voice says her surname should be Smedley. Take a look at the witness list, but this entry may not be relevant. There are no Medleys anywhere in the Goshen Quaker records and I failed to check for Smedleys. Also note that the Quakers do not give Mary Bane’s name as Mary Jane Bane, as indicated by others.

Children of Mordecai Bane and Mary Teague:

1. Rachel Bane, who married Hugh McGlone on 16 May 1748. Children: Barbara and Jane.

2 and 3 daughters, names are ??

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