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William Claiborne

5850. William Claiborne, Secretary of Virginia Colony, born 1600 in Kent, England; died 1677 in Virginia. He married 5851. Elizabeth Butler.

5851. Elizabeth Butler

Notes for William Claiborne, Secretary of Virginia Colony:
Colonel William CLAIBORNE was born about 1600 in ,Kent,England. He was christened on 10 Aug 1600 in ,Kent,England. He died in 1677/78. William Claiborne was well educated for he entered Pembroke College, Cambridge, "Pensioner, age 16, on 31 May 1617. He matriculated 1617. (A,C, 1-350. in his 21st year he was appointed surveyor of the Virginia colony in June 1621 and arrived at Jamestown in October of that year. In March 1625-26 he was appointed Secretary of State for Virginia which office he held until 1637, and again from 1652 to 1660. This last period was during the time of the Commonwealth of the Cromwells.
Captain Claiborne returned to England about 1630 and became associated with Cloberry and Company, a firm of London merchants. While in England he obtained license to trade in furs from the Secretary of State for Scotland. This license, dated 16 May 1631 granted him the privilege to trade anywhere in America where there was not already a patent granted to others for sole trade. He then returned to Virginia and established a trading post at Kent Island in Chesapeake Bay, August 1631. He also purchased the Island from the indains and sent a representative to the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Kent Island proved to be the limits of a grant given the following year by Charles 11 to George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. When the Maryland party arrived, Claiborne refused to recognize the overlordship of the Calverts to Kent Island of Kent Island and decided to cast his lot with Virginia. There was petty warfare and each petitioned the King for recognition of their rights. Claiborne went to England in 1637 to present his cause and during his absence the Calvert's attacked the Island and captured Captain John Butler, Claiborne's brother-in-law, who was in charge. In March 1637-38, the Maryland Assembley passed an act of attainder against Claiborne. In 1638 the Commissioners of Plantations, in England, decided the case wholley in favor of Lord Baltimore.
In October 1644, claiming authority from the Parliament of England, Claiborne invaded Maryland, drove out Governor Calvert and held province until December 1646. Claiborne had influence in Parliament for in September 1651 he and Richard Bennett were appointed members of a commission for the purpose of reducing Virginia and Maryland to obedience. These two colonies peacefully submitted. (17th Cent. pp 61-65.)
As "Colonel William Clayborne" he Patented "5000 acres, Sept. 1, 1653, lying on North side Pamunkey River in the Narrowes, running *** to a point of land where the said Colonel Clayborne landed the army under his command in 1644, for the transportation of 100 persons." (C.P. 244). Colonel Claiborne patented much land during his long career in the service of Virginia. A painting of him hangs in the State Capitol at Richmond. He was married to Elizabeth BUTLER in 1638.

Children of William Claiborne and Elizabeth Butler are:
2925 i. Mary Rice Claiborne, born Abt. 1630; died Abt. 1669 in New Kent County, Virginia; married Major Robert Harris Abt. 1650.
ii. Thomas Claiborne, born August 17, 1647; died October 07, 1683.

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