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Thomas WIlcox

James Lea Willcox and Thomas Lea Willcox were sons of John Willcox II and Mary Lea Willcox who settled in Telfair County around 1807. John II was born in Gulf, N.C., a son of John Willcox I, who was born at Ivy Mills, Penn., a son of Thomas Willcox and wife Elizabeth Cole Willcox. Thomas came to the United States from

England in 1718 and established a paper mill near Philadelphia, Penn. At this mill the nations first paper used for paper money was produced, Thomas and Elizabeth had ten children,

1689-May 12- Thomas Wilcox was born in Devonshire, England . This 4th generation son of paul makers.
He is said to have first settled in Del.
1725-his family lived in Welsh Tract, a 30,000 grant from William Penn, which covered New Castle Co.
then in Pa.
1726-Thoma & Thomas Brown build a mill-dam on the west branch of Chester creek, in Concord, and afterwards leased the oand on which the dam was located. The following has been copied from the original paper which has been preserved.
This Indenture made the tenth day of January anno Domini 1727 Between Joseph Nicklin of Concord in ye County
of Chester & Province of Pennsylvania yeoman of ye one part, and Thomas WIllcox, Lawyer, & Thomas Brown
yeoman both of ye same Town and County of ye other part, Witnesseth that ye said Joseph Nicklin hath and by
these presents doth lease, farm and lett, unto ye said Thomas Willcox and Thomas Brown yeoman both of ye
same Town and County of ye other part, Witnesseth that ye said Joseph Nicklin hath and by tjese presents doth
lease, farm and lett, unto ye said Thomas Willcox and Thomas Brown and to their heirs, Exrs. Adminrs. and
assigns a certain piece of land situate lying and being in Concord and Joining to ye said Thomas Willcox and
Thomas Browns Mill-dam containing by estimation Eight perches in length along ye said Sam site, and four
perch broad from ye said Mill-Dam for the use of ye sd oMill-Dam, Yielding therefore yearly and for every year
ye sum of one shilling of current lawful money of this province, for and during ye term and time that ye said
Thomas Willcox & Thomas Brown their heirs, Exrs. admrs. or assigns shall have occasion for ye same for ye
use aforesaid.
1727- Jun 3- Thomas married in Old Sweder Church Wilmington, New Castle De. Elizabeth Cole (Kohl)
They lived in Walsh Tract, a 30,000 settlement. (Parts later Cecil Co. Md)
1728-Jun 21-son John born Concord Co., Pa.
1729-Aug. 4-Thomas Willcox, having erected a paper mill onhis proerty, took Thomas Brown into partnership in
the business of making and selling paper. This agreement is still preserved. It provided that Thomas Willcox, in
consideration of his teaching the said Thomas Brown the art of paper-making was to receive 3/5ths of the
profits and Thomas Brown 2/5ths. (Thomas apparently learned this art before coming to America) Thomas
Conveyed to Thomas Brown 1/2 interest in the ill and the two following pieces of adj. land- One tract or parcel,
lying in the Township of Concord, containing 200 acres-was layd out on the 4th day of April A.D. 1783, by
Charles Ashcorn and then surveyed of the County of Chester, unto Jeremiah Collet, renter, at a yearly quitrent
of one penny sterling per acre--- (as follows)
Jeremiah Collett to John Hannum 200 acres Mar 1 1686
John Jannum to John wickham 100 " Jun 1 1688
John Wickham to Thomas King " " Dec 1 1690
Thomas King to Godwin walter " " "
Godwin Walter to Thomas Wilcox 74 acres Mar 27 1729
Thomas Willcox to Thomas Brown 1/2 interest in one acre-Aug 4 1729

The other tract---
Nathaniel Park sold to William Clayton Jr 150 acred 12th mo 10th 1684
William Clayton Jr sold to Wm Rowe " same day
William Rowe sold to Thomas Moore & Wm Vestal Mar 2 1684
Thomas Moore & Wm. Vestal sold to Morgan Jones 150 "
Morgan Jones sold to Joseph Nicklin "
Joseph Nicklin sold to Daniel Evans 74 acres Jul 26 1715
Daniel Evans sold to Nathaniel Newlin " Oct. 18, 1720
Nathaniel Newlin sold to Joshua Pennell " " " Jan 26 1724
Joshua Pennell sold to Thomas Willcox 1 acre and 20 perches May 20 1729
Thomas Willcox to Thomas Brown, 1/2 interest in 1 acre and 20 perches Aug 4 1729
Thomas Brown paid 150 lbs for his 1/2 interest.
1730-May 9-dtr Ann born Concord Co., Pa.
1732-Mar 23- son James born Ivy Mills, Concord, Pa.
1732-May 6-Thomas BVrown leased to Thomas Willcox his 1/2 interest in mill and land...including personal
property in the mill for 7 years-yearly rental of 13 lbs. (Personal property is listed)
1732-The Mill was erected to manufacture paper..called fuller's pressboards-used later by clothiers to press cloth
Benjamin Franklin was a friend-and at one time letters were around going back and forth. He mfg. paper
for Franklin's publishing business, and later for money-at which time he ceased making writing paper.
(Thomas Willcox, founded and operated Ivy Mills, south of Philadelphia, PA. Ivy Mills manufactured the paper
used by Ben Franklin in publishing his Poor Richard's Almanac and other publications. )
(The mill also said to be established by him a 1705-oldest continuing business in America.
1734-Sep. 7- dtr Elizabeth born Concord Co., Pa.
1736-Oct. 8- dtr Mary born shows Concord, Middlesex, Pa?
1738-Jan. 7- dtr Deborah born Concord Co., Pa.
1739-Jan. 23 Thomas Brown reconveyed to Thomas Willcox his 1/2 interest in all above.
1739-Oct. 18- Receipt Received of Thomas Wilcox-seven pounds sovern ____ sterling by Pittsylvania money
being for twenty three young____ (receipt for quickrent) (Abolished Nov. 27, 1779)
1740-Nov. 7-son Thomas born Concord Co., Pa.died same year.
1741-Dec. 16-son Thomas born Concord Co., Pa. died same year.
1744-Aug. 9-son Mark born Concord Co., Pa.
1746-Oct. 23-dtr Margaret born Concord Co Pa.
1747-Jun-dtr Ann married James White.
1753-son James married Prudence Doyle.
1755-about dtr Mary married John Montgomery
1767-son Mark was running the mill. He probably was running it earlier.
1771-Dec 6-Son John married Philadelphia, Pa.wife Rebecca Butler born 1773 Chester Pa died 1808 Chatham,
Orange, NC
1772 Jan Will dated. Registered West Chester Pa. died 1779. He said he was weak in body.
1775-May 10-the first issue of paper was made for the Continental bills- by the mill.
(HISTORY OF DELAWARE COUNTY by H G Ashmead-1884- "Up to the time of the Rev the paper for the money
of all the Colonies, from Massachusetts to the Carolinas, was mfg. by Thomas Willcox at his Ivy Mill; after which
followed, out of the same mill, the paper for the Continental Currency; and after that, the paper for the Gov.
issues made necessary by the war of 1812")(From letter of grandson James M-as requested by Mr. Ewbank-to
him.) He stated that" 1725 about his Grandfather was brought up to the paper business in England and came
over and settled where I now reside."
1776 move to Gulf Chat. Co NC
1779-Apr. 18-son Mark married Mary Flahaven
1779-Nov 11-Thomas died. Ivy Mills, Pa. He was a wealthy man.
1780-May 17-Elizabeth wife of Thomas died-Ivy Mills, Pa.

You may or may not know that Martha S. Albertson has published a book on the descendants of Thomas Willcox (1689-1779). Unfortunately she does not have much on your line... the book shows Prudence Willcox married to John "Curtner" but goes no further. Martha plans to update the book, since her last update was in June 1981
England to Henrico Concord Pa 1718..
1725 Chester Pa to Cross Creek
Fayetteville Cumberland

Mrs. Martha Albertson 2699 W. Regency Dr. Tucker Ga 30084 770-938-3719 had this line-1996 (her friend on another line wrote me to contact her) She had written A Willcox Family History 1689-1981 and was preparing another volumn in 1993 when Gloria Holback wrote a note on Prodigy. Gloria had Thomas lived Fl. Gloria has a picture of son John, and a drawing of the paper Mill in Ivy Mills Pa.

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