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Herbert Hockenberry

2. Peter Hockenberry (Reinhard) was born in 1718 at Palitinate, Germany. He married Anna Catharina (--?--) circa 1740. He married Alice (--?--). He died in Feb 1811 at Fennet Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Peter Hockenberry immigrated in 1750 to Chambers, NJ. "After Peter's death in 1811 in his 90's, his widow Alice, who was the same age as some of his oldest children lived with Samuel a number of years in Franklin and Huntingdon Counties. Then she lived alone in Perry County next door to some of James' children until her death between 1840 and 1850." "Peter was born in or near Hachenburg, Germany which is a few miles southeast of Bonn Germany. In Germany the name was spelled Hachenberg, but if they lived in a village they went by Hachenberger or Hachenburger.

We believe that Peter, his first wife and five children landed in New Jersey about 1750 (Probably Chambers New Jersey) and went into PA to the western edge of the settlement which was the Susquehanna River. They settled just beyond the river in what is now Fennet Township, Franklin County, PA in the extreme northern tip of the county north of Chambersburg, PA. After a period of time, Peter and his oldest boys owned large tracts of land, 3 mills, and a number of homes. During the Revolutionary War, Peter and 4 of his sons: Henry, John, James, and Jeremiah, fought several tours of duty - as did 2 of Henry's sons, Henry Jr. and Casper, During the Revolution, several hundred early settlers living along the Susquehanna River were killed by Tories and Indians on the side of the Tories. Records show that some of the Hockenberrys signed petitions requesting arms to defend themselves against such killings, Peter's "Will" recorded in February 1811 is to be found in the Chambersburg, PA courthouse. All of Peter's children and his second wife Alice were named in Peters will and all of his boys and Alice can be found in early censuses."
Per Arthur Renick's 1975 records on the Hockenberry family.

A private note from Renick: "I looked over 30,000 immigrants who landed in PA who landed in PA in the 1700 period up to the Revolutionary War and our Peter was not in that list so he just about had to come from New Jersey. "Renick conjectured, Herbert, who died in 1769 might have been the father. He was married to Anna Catharina (unknown) in 1739 in Germany.

(James E. Hockenberry 1995). He will was probated on 20 Feb 1811 at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Anna Catharina (--?--) was born circa 1717 at Germany. She died in 1751 at Fennet Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania.
Children of Peter Hockenberry (Our Herbert̢۪s brother) and Anna Catharina (--?--) were as follows:

3. i. Henry, born 1740 at Germany; married Agnes (--?--).

4. ii. John Sr., born 1741 at Germany; married Hannah Kelly.

iii. Mary was born circa 1744 at Germany.

iv. Margaret was born circa 1746 at Germany.

v. James was born circa 1748 at Germany. He died circa 1825 at Fannett Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

vi. Jeremiah was born in 1763 at Fannett Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania. He married ? (--?--). He died in 1850 at Franklin, Pennsylvania. He was buried at Concord Union Cemetery, Fannett Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Alice (--?--) was born circa 1754. She died circa 1845.
Children of Peter Hockenberry and Alice (--?--) were as follows:

5. i. James, born 8 Jul 1772 at Fannett Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania; married Rebecca Briggs.

ii. Peter was born circa 1790 at Franklin, Pennsylvania.

iii. Catherine was born circa 1792 at Franklin, Pennsylvania.

iv. Nancy was born in 1793.

6. v. Samuel, born 1795 at Fannett Township, Franklin, Pennsylvania; married Nancy Roberts.

7. vi. Robert, married Mary Tipper; born 1797 at Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Harmon Hockenberry was born on March 10, 1744, the fifth son of Herbert Hockenberry and Margaret UNKNOWN. In his service pension application, he claimed to have been born in Albany, NY. He served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the New Jersey Line, Sussex County Militia under Captains Kirkendall, Nyce, Tecter, Swisher. He served several he resided for many years in Sussex county before moving to Franklin Co in 1800. He remained there until his death in 1833. He was married to Anna Margaret UNKNOWN. He is buried in a now decrepit cemetary in New Jersey. I'd love to share information on others.

I found records of a Lawrence Hockenbery who was born in 1802 in Fannett Twp, Franklin Co., Pa and dies in the same place date unknown. He left Fannett Twp and moved to New Jersey where he married, then returned to Fannett Twp around the time his father died in 1833. He was married twice. I was unable to find the names of either wife. The first wife died in 1839(shortlyafter giving birth). They had 5 children together:

John(b 1828),
William(b 1830),
Annabella(b 1833),
Harmon(b 1833),
Cornelius(b 1839).

His second wife was born in 1817 and they had 4 children together:
Jeremiah (b 1842),
Martha (b 1846),
Mary (b 1848),
Ellen (b 1852).
His 3 daughters with his second wife retained the original German spelling of the name, Hachenburger.

Lawrence's parents were Harmon Hockenberry(b Mar 10, 1744; d 1833) Anna Margaret ?. He was one of several children, though his only known siblings were James Jacob. Lawrence's father, Harmon, was a private during the Revolutionary War and claimed to have been born in Albany, NY. He is buried in the Lafayette Cemetery in Sussex County, New Jersey. The cemetary is indisrepair.

Lawrence's grandparents were Herbert Hockenberry(b 1715 in Germany,d 1768 New Jersey) and Margaret ?. They had 12 known children. The exact date of Herbert's immigration is unknown, however he is believed to be the son of Reinhardt Hachenburger. Records seem to indicate that Herbert arrived in 1744, however he may have arrived earlier. As for Lawrence, I only have information on his one son, Cornelius,

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