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John Antram

1. JOHN1 ANTRAM was born 1646 in England, and died December 1718 in Burlington county, New Jersey. He married FRANCES BUTCHER May 15, 1682 in Burlington MM, Burlington county, New Jersey, daughter of GABRIEL BUTCHER and ANN). She was born 1658 in Biddleton, Buckinghamshire, England, and died Aft. 1718 in Northampton Township, Burlington, New Jersey.

Notes for JOHN ANTRAM:

LAND: bought from Jonathan Eldridge 1/4 of 1/8 share of the province of West Jersey (SmNJ: 109-110; BuCtBK: 1; WJDB 538; built a house on 3rd street Burlington (NJA 21:404); bought 2 laqrge tracts in Springfield township, 750 acres,1696 & 1699; sold 379 acres to Isaac 4-7-1718, (WJD AH 167, 175; H 110; IK 401)

MISC: moved to Northampton township, Burlington in 1698, list of inhabitants 1708-19 (NJHSP, Vol 4)

WILL: Calendar of New Jersey Wills 1670 - 1780: dated Dec 25, 1718, proved May 30, 1719, John Antram, of Northampton twp, Burlington co, cordwainer. Wife Frances. Sons - John, James, Thomas, Isaac. Daughters - Anna Matlack, Mary, Elizabeth; granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter of John Norcross. Home Farm on the great road between Jonathan Fox, Thomas Briant, and John Collings, 10 acres in Burlington town bounds, next to John Petty, 182 acres surveyed as fourth dividend of a share, a negro woman. Executors - the wife and son John. Witnesses Joshua Fettwell, Phebe Scattergood, Thomas Scattergood. Lib 2, p. 117. May 30, 1719 - Inventory - of personal estate 202.12 (pounds, shillings), incl. 2 negro women, 80 pounds. made by Joshua Frettwell and Thomas Scattergood.

1. John Antram was b.c. 1646-7, probably in England; d. betw. Dec 25, 1718 and May 30, 1719, in Northampton Twp, Burlington Co, NJ; md. 3mo (May) 15, 1682, at Burlington Meeting to Frances Butcher, dau. Of Gabriel and Ann Butcher, b.c. 1658-9 at Biddlesden, Co. Bucks, England; d. after 1718, prob. In Northampton Twp (HEQG 2:192; BuQR-Mar. C:205; NJA 23:78). He came to America about 1678-80, his younger brother, James, probably coming a few years later. He is first mentioned as John Anthram in a list of the freeholders and inhabitants of Burlington Co. in 1680. He was a cordwainer, or shoemaker, living first in the town of Burlington, and on May 3, 1680, bought of Jonathan Eldridge, ¼ of 1/8 of a share of the province of West Jersey (SmNJ: 109-10; BuCtBk: 1; WJD B:538) On account of his fractional share, surveys of land were made to Antram from time to time, including a lot of Third Street, Burlington, on which he built a house. (NJA 21:404). By 1686, perhaps two or three years earlier, he was living "Near Birch Creek," probably in what was later known as Springfield. Still later, about 1698, he moved to Northampton Twp, where he spent the rest of his days (NJA 21:423, 507) When a list of the inhabitants of Northampton was made in 1709 (or perhaps 1708, his family consisted of himself, age 62 (or perhaps 52, as stated in NJHSP, Vol. 4), wf. Frances, 50, and (children) John, 24, James, 23, Thomas, 19, Ann, 17, Isaac, and Elizabeth, 14, and Mary, 16, (NhpTR: 13) In 1696 and 1699 he bought two large tracts in Springfield, 750 acres in all, of which he conveyed various amounts to his sons, the largest 379 acres, to youngest son Isaac, on April 7, 1718 (WJD AH: 167, 171; H:110; IK: 401) He was a member of the Burlington Monthly Meeting of Friends, the records of which supply the birth and marriage date of several of his children. His will, Dec. 25, 1718-May 30, 1719, names wife Frances, Seven children and one grandchild (HEQG 2:165, 192; NJW: 797C; NJA 23:15).

This information was taken from Family Tree Maker CD #182; Family History: New Jersey Genealogies #1, Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol II; A Genealogical Dictionary of New Jersey


Seventeenth Century Birth Recorded in The Delaware Valley, transcribed by Hannah Roach, (source: Pennsylvania Vital Records, 1700's-1800's, CD# 172, Genealogical Publishing Co.)

Witnessed the birth of Hannah, daughter of John and Hannah Woolston, 5-24-1684

Witnessed the birth of Thomas, son of thomas and Ann Barton, 10-31-1684

Witnessed the birth of Ann, daughter of Thomas and Esther Butcher, 5-29-1685

Witnessed the birth of Thomas son of Thomas and Hestor Butcher, 4-18-1687


2. i. JOHN2 ANTRAM, b. November 07, 1683, near Burlington City, Burlington, New Jersey; d. January 1731/32, Northampton Township, Burlington, New Jersey.

ii. JAMES ANTRAM, b. March 10, 1684/85, Burlington county, New Jersey; d. Aft. 1748, New Jersey.

iii. ISAAC ANTRAM, b. Abt. 1688, Burlington county, New Jersey; d. April 03, 1744, New Jersey; m. JANE RIDGWAY, November 1721, Burlington county, New Jersey; b. Abt. 1700, Burlington county, New Jersey.

iv. ANN ANTRAM, b. November 1691, Burlington county, New Jersey; d. February 1731/32, Burlington county, New Jersey; m. WILLIAM MATLACK, 1713, Burlington county, New Jersey; b. Abt. 1685, New Jersey.\

Notes for ANN ANTRAM:

BIRTH: NEQG 2:192; GMNJ: 3:23; bible record

MARRIAGE: NEQG 2:192; GMNJ: 3:23; bible record

DEATH: NEQG 2:192; GMNJ: 3:23; bible record

v. MARY ANTRAM, b. Abt. 1693, Burlington county, New Jersey; m. JOHN NORCROSS, 1712; b. Abt. 1685, Pennsylvania.

Notes for MARY ANTRAM:


3. vi. ELIZABETH ANTRAM, b. Abt. 1695, Burlington county, New Jersey; d. Aft. February 01, 1737/38, Burlington county, New Jersey.

vii. THOMAS ANTRAM, b. Abt. 1697.

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