Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Butlers- Royalty

If your head wasn't spinning it will be now!

Peyton, I think this may help. There are scant dates but the names are there and in genealogical sequence and show how the Butler name became enmeshed with the Bryan name through Fitzapatrick Bryan, Fifth Lord of Upper Ossary. Are you ready? This starts with:
Edward the First, King of England by his wife Princess Eleanor
Only child of Ferdinand King of Castile, had
Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet, widow of John, Early of Holland
Who married secondly in 1306 Humphrey DeBohun, 4th Earl of
Hereford, Essex, and who had by him,
Lady Eleanor, de Bohun, who married James Butler 3rd, Earl of Carrice
Created in 1338, Early of Ormonde, and had
James Butler, 2d, Earl of Ormonde, Lord Justice of Ireland
Born 1331, died 1382, who married Lay Elizabeth, daughter
Of Sir John d’Arcy Knight, created Lord D’arcy, of Nocton
Chief Justice and Governor General of Ireland, and his second
Wife Lady John DeBurgh, widow of Thomas 2d, Earl of Kildare,
Daughter of Richard, Earl of Ulster, who was a descendant of
King Louis the 7th of France, through the marriage of the
Princess Agnes his daughter, with Andelm DeBurgh, ancestor of the
Earl of Ulster, and had by Lady Elizabeth,
James Butler 3rd, Earl of Ormond and Earl of Gowrand, married
Lady Annie, daughter of John Lord Welles, and had,
Sir Richard Butler, Knight of Polestown County of Kilkenny,
Ireland, who married Lady Catherine daughter of Guildas
O’Riley, Lord of County Caven, Ireland, and had
Sir Pierce Butler, Knight who succeeded in 1516 as Eighth Earl Ormande,
Lord High Treasurer of Ireland 1524, Duke of Ossory
1527 married 1485 Lady Margaret Fitzgerald, daughter of
Gerald, Eighth Earl of Kildares and had
James Butler Ninth Earl of Ormonde and Viscount Thurles, Lord
High Treasurer of Ireland for life in 1533, Admiral of
Kingdom; poisoned 1546, married Lady Joan Fitzgerald daughter
Of James Eleventh Earl of Desmond and had
The Honorable John Butler of Kilcash, died 1570, married Lady
Catherine daughter of Cormack Mac, Carthy-Reagh, and had
Sir Walter Butler, succeeded as eleventh Early Ormonde and
Dying in 1632, left Lady Helen Butler, who died 1631, his
Wife, daughter of Edmund Second Viscount Montgarret
Lady Margaret Butler, sister of Thomas Thurbes, father of
Jams Butler who was created Duke of Ormond, who married Fitzpatrick
Bryan, Fifth Lord of Upper Ossary and had
Edward Bryan, Esq., of Westminster London, who had
Annie Butler Bryan, who married in 1724 Major General Sir
Alexander Spottswoode, born 1676, and had
Annie Catherine Spottswoode, who married Bernard Moore, descended
From Sir Thomas Moore, and had
Alexander Spottswoode Moore, who married Elizabeth Aylett, great
Granddaughter of Lady Unity West and Captain Dandridge of
The Royal Navy and
Mary Fairfax Moore, who married David Keller of Maryland, son of
Casper Keller and Ann Margaret Cassell of Hagerstown, Md.,
And had
David Keller, M.D. of Lexington, Ky.
Anne Butler Bryan m. Sir Alexander Spottiswoode and had
Augustine Moore, who married Sarah Rind and had
Lucy Moore, who married Speaker John Robinson (Lucy was 2nd
Wife of John who married three times) of the house of
Burgesses, Va., and had
Catherine Robinson, who married Robert Throckmorton and had
Lucy Moore Throckmorton, who married James Smalley Bate and had
James Smalley Bate II who marred Virginia Magdalen Aleander and had
Richard Alexander Barnes Bate who married Susan Eliza Robertson and had
Richard Alexander Bate, who married Julia Martha Callaway and had
Virginia Allen Bate, Frances Callaway Bate and Richard Alexander Bate, III.

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