Sunday, April 11, 2010

Agnes Ragland

Agnes Ragland is my 6th great grandmother. She was born ca 1734 in Bertie Precinct, NC. She married Ephraim Merritt and after he died she married Joseph Langston (my grandfather) ca 1760 in Granville Co., NC and went to Johnston Co., NC and on to Logan Co., Ky.

Agnes father is Stephen Ragland. He was born ca 1688 in New Kent Co., Va and was also in Hanover Co., Va. before removing to Northampton Co., NC ca 1730. He died in Nortampton Co., NC in 1747.

Stephen Ragland's 1747 will in Northampton Co., NC states his wife was Mary. Many Ragland researchers claim Stephen married MARY HUDSON, dau of JOHN HUDSON and ELIZABETH HARRIS. I have seen both volumes on the Ragland family going to Glamorgan and Monmouth, south Wales and have seen pictures of Raglan Castle.

The Hudson Association doesn't think Stephen Ragland married Mary Hudson as DNA has her married to another man.

Stephen Ragland is the son of Evan Ragland and Susanna Pettus and they attended St. Peter's Church in New Kent Co., Va. I believe this might have been a Episcopal church.

I have been involved in genealogy since 1982 and the Ragland line is familiar to me and I realize that most Ragland researchers think Stephen Ragland married Mary Hudson.

I am doing my mtDNA mother to mother and Agnes Ragland is my oldest grandmother without breaking the female mother to mother line until Stephen Ragland. Again, the Hudson Association who has done DNA states Mary Hudson married another man and it wasn't Stephen Ragland. However, Stephen did marry Mary (unknown) as his 1747 will names wife Mary.

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