Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ann Lovelace Gorsuch

She was apparently born not later than 1611 as she married as early as 1628 the Rev. John Gorsuch of Walkern, Herts. The Visitation of London; 1633-1635 gives the wife of the Rev. John
Gorsuch as "Anne daughter of Sir William Lovelace of Kent, Kt." (Harlcian Soc. Publ. xv; 327). She received under her father's will, dated 1622, "all my adventures in the East India Company with all the profits to be paid to her at the age of 21 or marriage". By her mother's will, dated 1v-32, there is left to "Anne Gorsuch my daughter my third suit of diaper which I made in the Low countries". She went to Virginia, probably about 1650 and soon after the death of her husband, with her younger children and died there (Va. Mag. xxiv; 90). Letters of administration were issued in England, 2 June, 1652, to "Daniel Gorsuch son of Anne Gorsuch, late of Weston, co. Hertford but deceased in parts beyond the seas, widow" (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations 1668). She had issue by her husband Rev. John Gorsuch, eleven children whose fortunes and descendants have been traced by the writer in the preceding volumes of this magazine; viz.: (i) Daniel; (ii) John; (iii) William; (iv) Katherine married William Whitby; (v) Robert; (vi) Richard; (vii) Anna married 1st Capt. Thomas Todd, 2nd Capt. David Jones, 3d Capt. John Oldton; (viii) Elizabeth married Howell Powell; (ix) Charles; (x) Lovelace; (xi) Frances) Of these, Katharine, Robert, Richard, Anna, Elizabeth, Charles and Lovelace settled in Virginia or in Maryland, married, and with the probable exception of Robert, left numerous descendants (Va. Mag. xxiv-xxvii).

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