Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anna Hentem Cox/ Hatfield

> Here is the earliest COX I remember seeing. This is from REFLECTIONS: The
> Quarterly Newsletter of the Claiborne County Historical Society, Vol. 8,
> No. 2, spring edition 1990, written by Dolores Ramsey Ham:
> Thomas Hatfield was born c 1600 in Yorkshire, England. Thomas Hatfield
> "followed the Puritan exodus" to Leyden, Holland, before 1621 as a member
> of the congregation of John Robinson. He married in Leyden, Holland, Anna
> Hampden/Hamden Cox, widow of Valentine Cox (Oocxs or Cocxs). the Banns
> for this marriage were on 17 April 1721 and the marriage was two weeks
> later (May 1, 1621). Thomas was described as "Thomas Hadvelt (Hatfield),
> woolcomber,, young man, unmarried from England accompanied by John Garle,
> his acquaintance." Ann Cox was accompanied by Jane Lens. Thomas was still
> in Leyden, Holland, in 1624 as he witnessed the betrothal of Robert
> Warrener on March 1.

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