Friday, April 9, 2010


A note from Leslie Blackburn was given to me on 8/7/1995, which was hand
written on Sept. 25. 1936. This is what part of it said:

"Cash W. Blackburn, recorded some of this information on the Blackburn
family from an old Manuscript (M.S.)
"Cash W. Blackburn was a surveryor in Pendleton County, Kentucky.
"He says that a Zachariah Benjamin Blackburn came to this country from
Scotland sailing from England, probably in the late 1700's. He was of
Scotch-Irish stock. He first settled in Virginia and later came to
Bracken County, Kentucky, near Augusta. This was while Kentucky was still
a part of Virginia."

His children and their birthdays are listed in this family tree.

"Allenson went to Indiana and died there. Some of these Blackburns later
settled in Pendleton County. America Stephens Blackburn related to her
son, John James Blackburn, when he was a small boy that some of them came
from Virginia by wagon and river raft to Cincinnati.

The Blackburn name is Irish, but they are Scotch by way of the Kennedy
name. Notice the name Kennedy in some of the children. Benjamin
Zachariah's wife was Sarah Kennedy.

The Blackburn papers in Pendleton County library say that James
Zachariah's great grandfather is Zachariah Blackburn.

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