Monday, April 12, 2010

Cassandra Burnell Southwick

The Immigrant
Born: About 1600, based on 25 years before marriage.
Spouse: Cassandra Burnell on January 25, 1624, in Kingswinford, Stafford Co, England. Cassandra's parents have been identified as Humphrey and Margaret (___) Burnell. She was likely born about 1598, in Kingswinford, co Stafford, England. She died, almost the same time as her husband, in 1660, on Shelter Island, New York; where she and her husband had sought refuge because of their persecutions from their Quaker beliefs. She would have been approximately 62 years old. The youngest child at that time about nineteen years old.

Immigration: Probably 1637-1639, not found on a ship manifest that I know of. They were in their late 30's and their first four children accompanied them. Then had two children in Salem.

Persecuted as Quakers: Lawrence and Cassandra (Burnell) Southwick were Quakers. They and their children were persecuted and imprisoned. One of their sons and one daughter were sentenced to be sold as slaves and shipped to Barbados. (Fortunately they weren't, because the son, Daniel, is my ancestor!)

Occupation: Glassmaker.

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