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Edwin Sandys

97951. Cicely Wilford, born 1516 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died Bet. 1610 - 1611. She was the daughter of 195902. Thomas Wilford and 195903. Rose Whetenhall.

Notes for Edwin Archbishop Sandys:

See : More about Marriage of Edwin Sandys and Cicely Wilford; Some information was put in the wrong place. The following info came from a book about the alumni of Cambridge University, entitled "Alumni Cantabrigienses". Of St. John's College. Son of George or William and Margaret, daughter of John Dixon, of London. Probably born at Esthwaite Hall in 1519. Received B.A. in 1538-39, M.A. 1541, and B. D. 1546 and D.D. 1549.

Marriage Notes for Edwin Sandys and Cicely Wilford: In July of 1996, I Eleanor T. Mead went, to Southwell Minster, located in the town of Southwell located about 45 minutes northeast of Nottingham, England.When I told them that I was descendant od Archbishop Sandys, I was treated very well. They showed me his tomb, which is a polished marble and quite large. On the front are carvings of his wife and children. The top is a facsimile of him. I also went to Hawkshead where he was born. In the church there is a tomb of his parents. The family coat of arms is above the door of the church. I went with my daughter, Lauri Holmes. We went to Greythwaite, where the present Sandys lives. He was out of town, but the servants, Linda and Audrey took us through the Hall. We saw original paintings of Edwin and Cicely and also those of their children. The servants said that had he been there he would not have given us any information or let us see the pictures, which was apparently very unlike his father or grandfather. They also showed us the geneolgy which goes back to the Kings of Scotland.

Child of Edwin Sandys and Cicely Wilford is:

48975 i. Anne Sandys, born January 21, 1569/70; married William Barnes

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This lady has this entire line back to 1200

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