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Geofrey Le Noreys 1320

Notes for Geoffrey Le Noreys:

Thanks must go to Bryan Taylor, Steve Norris, and Herbert Norris for the information on the early generations of the Le Noreys/Noreys/Norris family from Geoffrey to the immigrant, Thomas. From the website of Steve Norris at, the early history of the Norris family, originally de Noers, can be found. It is believed that Geoffrey le Noreys, born about 1320, in County Norfolk, England, is a descendant of Geoffrey le Norreys of Bereford, Yorkshire. He was born about 1110 and died before 1170. He was the earliest known ancestor to carry the name Norreys. Prior to his time it was Noers. This Geoffrey was probably a descendant of William de Noers who died after 1086. His name appears in the "Domesday Book," a very large census taken in 1086 by William the Conqueror.
William de Noers was a steward to William when he became King of England. De Noers had fought with the King at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 when the Normans conquered the British Isle of Great Britain. The Normans had come from Normandy in what is now France. William, for his loyality to the new King, was granted 33 manors along with lands in the areas which became known as Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Norfolk.
Geoffrey le Norreys, born about 1110, possibly had a brother named Ivo le Norreys, born about 1090. Geoffrey had four known sons: William le Norreys, of Osgodby and Bereford, Yorkshire, born about 1130, died before 1196; Hugh le Norreys, of Scotforth, Lancashire, born about 1132; Robert le Norreys, of South Cave, Yorkshire, born about 1134, died after 1184; and Phillip le Norreys, of Merton, Lancashire, born about 1150, died after 1222. Geoffrey le Noreys, born about 1320, is believed to descend from Robert le Norreys of South Cave, Yorkshire.
Robert le Norreys, born about 1134. His name is also spelled as Norreis, Norensis, and Norais. He held knight's fees in Southhamptonshire and Gloustershire in 1166. He held the Riev Manor in Yorkshire in 1170 as Robert le Norais. He also held land at Lincolnshire as Robert Norreis. Robert died after 1184. He is believed to have three sons born to him: Robert le Norreys, of Bath, who died in 1253; Geoffrey le Norreys, of Searby, Lancashire, died after 1250; and William le Norreys, of Searby, Lincolnshire, died after 1260. Geoffrey le Noreys, born about 1320, is believed to be a descendant of the son, Geoffrey.
Geoffrey le Norreys, died after 1250 in England. He is also referred to as Gaufridus Norrensis and Gaufrido le Norreis. It is through this Geoffrey that Geoffrey le Noreys is said to descend. Several members of his family carry the name into Norwich and Congham in County Norfolk. The names of the sons of Geoffrey le Norreys, of Searby, Lincolnshire are not known at the present time. Geoffrey le Noreys, born about 1320, would have been a great-great-grandson to Geoffrey of Searby.
THEORY: If Robert le Norreys, was born about 1134, then he possibly married anytime from 1152 to 1184. In that day and time, it is apparent that many men did not marry until later in life, in their thirties and beyond. If Robert married in 1164, at age thirty, his first child could have been born about 1165. His son, Geoffrey le Norreys, of Searby, Lincolnshire, could have been born about 1167. If he married when he was thirty, about 1197, then his first child was possibly born about 1200. If Geoffrey le Noreys, born about 1320, descends from this son, he could have married about 1230. This son's first child could have been born about 1232.
The son born about 1232, married about 1252, and had his first child about 1254. This child, a son, married about 1284 and had a son born about 1290. His son could have married about 1320. As a result, there would probably be at least four generations that are not known between Geoffrey le Norreys, of Searby, Lincolnshire, who died after 1250, and Geoffrey le Noreys, born about 1320 in County Norfolk, England.

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