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All records from the Germanna Foundation of Virginia.JOHANN HOLTZKLAU, the earliest known ancestor of the Holtzklau family, came to Siegen in 1558 through his marriage to Treina, widow of the master baker, Hans Latsch, who died in 1554; after his marriage he conducted in the "Latschen Haus", the bakery which had been operated by his predecessor since 1543. A public house or inn was operated in connection with the bakery. The Siegen city accounts from 1571 on the receipts of ground-rent shows record of "The Latsch house, now Johan Holtzclaw, 6 Heller." The house, situated in the Loehrstrasse, now gave a by-name to those who lived in it from time to time; thus Johann Holtzclau was called by the nickname "Latsch", in the 1567 list of bakers; and his children were sometimes so called, as well as his wife's third husband, who occupied the house after Johann's death in 1578.

When Treina, the former wife of Johannes died in the year 1598, she left 1/3 of her estate to each of the two sons born to her and Johannes Holtzclau, Johannes and Thomas, and the other 1/3 to Hans Knie, her third husband who survived her.
Besides the sons Johannes and Thomas, Johann Holtzklau (d. 1578) had other children, namely a son Johann, born around 1555, a daughter who had married Johannes Feld and died in 1597, and our direct ancestor Franz Holtzlau of Weidenau. According to records, these children were born of an earlier marriage of the father, before he moved to Siegen from Weidenau.

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