Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holzklaw, Busch, Latsch

There is mention of the Knie family in BC's Ancestry and Descendants, as a
Holtzclaw ancestor, Johann Holtzklau, the master baker, married the widow
Treina ____ Latsch, after 1554, which was the death date of Treina's husband,
Hans Latsch. After the death of her second husband, Treina married Hans Knie
and they lived in the house that had been occupied by Treina, and all of her
husbands, in Siegen. BC states that Hans Knie "acquired citizen rights at
Siegen in 1578." BC discusses a law suit that was brought about after death of
Treina in 1598. The lawsuit was brought to court in 1599 and involves the
division of her estate between her sons with Johann Holtzklau and her last
husband, Hans Knie.

Last year while in Siegen, Mom and I toured the Iron Hammer, Buschhuetten,
with Herr Alfred Stahler, also a cousin of ours via the Busch family, Hans
Jacob Holtzclaw's ancestors. While talking with him, he showed me a wonderful
book that was written by Herr Gerhard Moisel, and Herr Stahler, entitled,
"Deutsches Geschlechterbuch, Siebenter Siegerlander Band." The book is written
in German, but still decipherable if you don't speak German. It is an
incredible genealogical endeavor that deals with many of our First Colony familie's
ancestry and I found reference to another KNIE family in it, pg 17:

Margretha ERNSDORF b. 3 March 1753, married at Oberfischbach 12 Dec 1777
Johann Georg KNIE.

I could certainly put this on my research wish list while I'm with Herr
Moisel in June. I will also try to secure more copies and give one to the
Germanna Foundation, so that we can all see the information contained in the book.
This is a series and I will see if I can secure books that would deal with
our ancestors.

Barb Price

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