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Joshua Curle

The earliest known record for the Curle surname in the American Colonies was that of Pasco Curle in 1688. He was the son of Nicholas Curle of Lewes, Sussex County, England. Pasco was a resident of Elizabeth City County, Virginia. He married Sarah _____ about 1672. There were seven children born of this marriage: three daughters, four sons. They were Sarah, Mary, Judith, Nicholas, Pasco, Joshua, and John. Sarah Curle married her first cousin, Joshua Curle, son of Samuel Curle and Mary Armistead. Mary Curle was married at least twice. Her first husband was Captain Henry Jenkins (1713), with the second husband being Anthony Tucker (1728). Judith Curle married John Bailey (about 1695). Nicholas Curle was twice married. Nicholas’ first wife was Elizabeth Gutherick (14 Jun 1700). They had no known issue. His second wife was Jane Wilson (about 1708). Pasco Curle died in 1701, under age. Joshua Curle married Rosea Tyler (about 1713). John Curle had no known record of marriage.

Nicholas Curle, son of Pasco and Sarah Curle above, married his second wife, Jane Wilson about 1708. She was the daughter of William Wilson. Nicholas and Jane had four known children; they were Wilson, Pasco, Jane and Mary. Wilson Curle married Priscilla Meade (about 1735). Priscilla was the daughter of Colonel Andrew Meade and Mary Latham. Pasco Curle died as a young man (about 20 years old). Jane Curle married George Walker (about 1732). Mary Curle first married Alexander Hamilton (about 1733). She married secondly Col John Nash (about 1740).

Nicholas Curle was the County Clerk in Elizabeth City in 1702. After the County Lieutenant, the most important officer in Colonial times was the County Clerk, who was not only the clerk, but also whose house was the Clerk’s Office, where the county records were kept, and who was probably the legal adviser for the people in general at a time when educated lawyers at least did not abound. The office also brought in a certain salary plus official position, which in that day carried with it a great deal of power and importance. Next in importance to the Clerk was the Sheriff, who was appointed by the Governor. Nicholas Curle was a Justice in 1700 and a Sheriff in 1702. He was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, Session of October 25, 1710, representing Elizabeth City County. Nicholas Curle died 15 August 1714 at the age of 35-years.

Wilson Curle married Priscilla Meade about 1735. There were eight children born of this marriage: six sons, two daughters. They were David Wilson, Nicholas Wilson, Andrew, William Roscoe Wilson, Hamilton, Wilson, Jane and Mary. David Wilson Curle married Mary Walker. Nicholas Wilson Curle had no known marriage record. Andrew Curle married Ann _____ . William Roscoe Wilson Curle was first married to Euphan Wallace, second to Sarah Lyon and lastly to Mary Kello. Hamilton Curle had no known marriage record. Jane Curle married Moss Wallace Armistead. Mary Latham Curle first married Robert Wallace (about 1762). Her second marriage was to William Armistead (about 1772).

William Roscoe Wilson Curle was discussed at length earlier in this history. He first married Euphan Wallace (about 1762) who was a daughter of Capt. James Wallace and Martha ______. This marriage produced one known child: Wilson Curle who married Lockey Langhorne. William Roscoe Wilson Curle married secondly Sarah Lyon in Aug 1776. There was no known issue from this marriage. Sarah was the widow of Walter Lyon, ESQ., of Prince Anne County. William Roscoe Wilson Curle’s third marriage was to Mary Kello (abt 1781) and they had one child: Elizabeth Kello Curle who married Philip Nicholas Brown, Jr.. William Roscoe Wilson Curle died before 30 Mar 1782

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