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Judith Merryman

The Reported Children of Judith Merryman and Michael Holland:

Ann Holland born 1715

Elizabeth Holland: married 1734 Pouncey Anderson : She died 1794 Nov 22 St. Martin's Parish Louisa County: Their son Richard Anderson will intermarry in to the family of Nicholas Johnson and Elizabeth Hudson thru their daughter Mary Johnson

John Holland:

Judith Holland:

Mercy Holland: reported to have married William Colvard on Jan 2 1759 Goochland Co.

Michael Holland:

Richard Holland:

Susannah Holland the daughter of Michael Holland is reported to have married twice once to Thomas Massie and William Perkins.

A point of Interest is John Johnson Yeoman and Joseph Johnson are on Archers Hope Creek where we find one Gabriel Holland Yeoman. The next generation of his line will be found in lands of Nansemond County and in Maryland. The 3rd Generation off his lines will be Michael Holland born 1666 Nansemond County Va. of Tuckahoe Creek and owns lands in St. Peter's and St. Paul's Parish of Hanover Co. in 1720 era. Michael Holland is married to Judith Merryman ( grand-daughter of John Merryman whose lands are on the Weynoke River)

My Notes: This is the lines of the Merriman families who first owned lands on Wards Creek and brought their servant William Byrd to the colonies and this Merryman Family is married into the descendants of Michael Johnson died 1719 on Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co. Va.

Notes of Interest: The Sons of Gabriel Holland of Archers Creek moved to Maryland, These are Michael Holland's Uncles: James Merriman and his Nephew Charles Merriman moved to Baltimore County, Maryland.. Judge Nicholas Hailes Families moved to Maryland. These families are all connected by Marriages Example: Margaret Lane Birth: 1703 in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Maryland reported to have married William Merryman b: 1703 in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Maryland, This line is reported to come off Charles Merryman of Lancaster Co Va. Married to Mary Haile daughter of "JUDGE" Nicholas Haile and Mary Travers: Mary Hail b: JULY 6, 1652 in LANCASTER, VIRGINIA was also reported married to Henry King. Charles Merryman is reported son of John Merriman:Example Michael Holland is married to Judith Merryman ( grand-daughter of John Merryman whose lands are on the Weynoke River) (1639): Act of Assembly For Wianoke to David Jones: Mr. Henry Canten, John Gibbs, Wm. Lawren;)

David Jones

Mr. Henry Canten

Wm. Lawren

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