Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leander Dale

William Powell Born in England around 1600 married to Elizabeth;

Thomas Powell, Son of William Born in Essex County, Virginia in 1630 (near the Chesapeake Bay)

Honorias Powell, Son of Thomas Born in 1669

Thomas Powell, Son of Honorias Born in 1730

Thomas served with George Washington in the march to Pittsburgh to capture
Ft. Dequesne from the French.

Time Note: 1767, Daniel Boone made his first trip into Kentucky on a hunting expedition

John Powell, Son of Thomas Born in 1772 in Culpepper County, Virginia

Time Note: 1776, United States becomes a Nation.

Died before 1840 in Estill County, Ky (west of Richmond, Ky)

Lovely Abraham Powell, Son of John Born in 1790 near the Georgia and South Carolina line

Hudson Jasper Powell, Son of Lovely born 1834(5) in Jackson County, Kentucky

Hudson’s siblings:

John b. 1812, Cleveland b. 1813, Nancy Ann b. 1815, Catherine b. 1816, Susan Jane b. 1820, Emanuel b. 1826, Larkin b. 1829, Sarah/Sally b. 1829 (not necessarily twins, the census wasn’t always correct), George Washington b. 1828 Civil War Union Soldier, Lucinda b. 1832, Calvin b. 1835, Hudson b. 1835 (not necessarily twins; in the Port Royal Cemetery, he is listed as having been born in 1834)

Hudson's siblings and spouses:

Cleveland Powell 1813 m. Malinda Abner

Nancy Ann Powell b. 1815; m. (1) Lewis Logsdon; m (2) Madad Skinner

Catherine Powell b. 1816 m. (1) 1829 John Powell; m (2) 1843 George W. Rogers

Susan Jane Powell b. 1820 m. Oliver Perry Jackson

Abram Powell b. 1822 m. Leander Dale

Emanuel Powell b. ca 1826 m. Susan Willis

Larkin A. Powell b 1829 m. (1) Rhoda Baker; m. (2) Sarah J. Powell; m. (3) Sarah Rose

Sarah Powell b. 1829 m. Bartlett Rogers

Lucinda Powell b. 1832 m. Felix Rogers

George W. Powell b. 1828 m. (1) Polly Ann Rose; m (2) Lucinda Willis; m. (3) Annie May Carr

Calvin C. Powell b. 1835; m. (1) Marium Willis; m (2) Rosanna Rogers; m (3) Emily ?

Hudson J. Powell b. 1835 m. (1) 1858 Nancy Frances Harrison; m (2) Elizabeth Williams Durham

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