Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marthy Toms- Shawnee Woman

Married to George Goff Hatfield.

Thought I would send info on George I have for you to cross reference. George "Goff" HATFIELD b-1715 (Many places Goff was used and is oral tradition and genealogist added that it was a way also to denote which George it was). Now about wife ,my great grandmother said her father was married to a daughter of John LOGAN (Tag-gan-jute) of Mingo Tribe. George and wife left NC and eastern VA with family due to following. A Colonel CRESAP and troops murdered all of Logans family that could be found and were killing all connections. This is in part what led up to "Lord Dunsmore War". George and Mingo Indian wife had five sons Joseph b-1719,William b-1740,Jeremiah b-1750,George Goff, Jr. b-1752 and John b-1755. Unknown daughters. After George Goff HATFIELD Sr. b-1715 got his family all on their own and wife was gone he returned to Perquimans County ,NC. He as will indicates was with brothers and with rEli/Elygious family.He as elderly do all ways want to go home, get right with church and did same . I have quite abit on this group being my closest direct link. If I can help on this link or if you want me to compare what you have I will gladly do so. Take care.

"History of Perquimans County,NC" F 262 . P4W7 By Watson WINSLOW This is a book found instate book section TSLA (TN State Library and Archives). This has a lot of info on early inhabitants of Perquimans, such as a listing on Richard HATFIELD listed twice for 1729 on tax list taken by Edward HALL for 207 acres and again later for 69 ½ acres. (This a primary sourse of Richard HATFIELD being the first HATFIELD in area on tax roll and only one of record who possibly been there at birth of the seven brothers and being their father). This book has very little more on HATFIELDs but covers other families such as "TOMS" extensivEli/Ely. It mentions that Francis TOMS came from Charles City Co.Va. where he sold property Feb 17,1656 in said county to a FrancisGray. There are several generations of this family mentioned and I presume the Francis TOMS who is listed on George HATFIELD "s will is his descendant. Other family names on will are also mentioned, some of these families apparently migrated together ,even to SE tn.


  1. George Goff Hatfield was my 6th Great Grandfather... I couldnt find any evidence of Marthy Toms being his wife and also being Shawnee. Great news!!
    I cant access the link above but would love more info if available.

  2. Thank you for the Info on Marthy Toms and George Goff Hatfield... I am also a direct line and was trying to find out information on the Indian woman... told to me by my father, which was told to him by his and so on... I would like any information on both of these people. Thank You again... and any more help would be greatly appreciated! My email add:

  3. So glad I found this. My husband had always heard about an Indian in his blood line and we thought it was just a story. George Goff Hatfield is also his 6th GGfather. His grandmother Florence Hatfield