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Matthias Hatfield: Stanten Island

Notes for Matthias "Matthew" Hatfield:
Matthias HATFIELD may have come to America with the colonists who settled at Staten Island under the Patroon, Cornelius Melyn whose daughter Maria "Mary" he later married at New Haven. "Matthias Hithfield" took the Oath of Fidelity 1 May 1660 at New Haven. He also took an oath of allegiance in Elizabethtown, NJ. He appears as "Mathias Helefeild" on the 1670 list of those paying quit rents to the proprietors. He built in 1673 a house in Elizabethtown which descended in the family down to 1880 when it was owned by Robert Morris Hatfield. In 1677 the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethtown was erected on some of his land. He made his will 19 Apr 1684. Recorded 13 Dec 1687.

From: First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East New Jersey

MATTHIAS HATFIELD. As HEATHFIELD, he early appeared in N. Y. records, and at E. where as a weaver, he had come from New Haven, Conn., where he took the oath of fidelity, 1660. He was credited with being a son of THOMAS HATFIELD of Leyden, a member of Rev. JOHN ROBINSON'S church, and a native of Yorkshire, Eng. "Mr. THOMAS HATFIELD, who settled about the same time in Mamaroneck, N. Y., was probably his brother."

MATTHIAS HATFIELD of E., whose children and desc., conveyed into OLDE EAST NEW JERSEY.

As "MATHIAS HEATHFIELD" he took the Oath of Allegiance, etc., Feb. 19, 1665, and was one of the orig. Associates of E., (1665), by the list of 1715. (Vide, ante, PART ONE, p. 101.)

He was a boat-man, as well as a weaver, and seems to have been affluent, since he paid a large sum, for those days, when he purchased, Dec. 5, 1673, of ABRAHAM LUBBERSON of New Orania in New Netherlands, his dwelling-house and home-lot in E., with upland and meadow.

It is said that he was b. ca. 1640, and m. Magdaleen Maria Melyn, b. 1645, daughter of CORNELIS MEYLEYN, (vide, ante, PART FOUR, p. 617), and wife, JOANNA, a notable pioneer and PATROON of S. I.

Referring, again, to HATFIELD, (p. 78). There were daughters, (to be devel. later), but, esp., three sons, ISAAC HATFIELD, Abraham, and Cornelius, of whom, in ARCH., (Vols. XXI and XXIII), with at least two marriages in the FORCE Fam., (vide, ante, this PART, p. 825).

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