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Michael & Elizabeth King

608. Michael King & 609. Elizabeth Cary [England, VA]

~1617, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 1218. John Cary & 1219. Elizabeth Herford. [Elizabeth’s last name was undecipherable in his will. The choice of her last name is based on circumstantial evidence. There were not many families in the colonies at this time, and fewer still of families with the connections that Michael apparently had as demonstrated by his land acquitions. Multiple cousins and siblings of Elizabeth Cary, d/o John, immigrated to MA and VA.]
~1620, Michael born in Norfolk Co., England.
1646 in Norwich, England, Michael joined a drum & fife troop. Participated in a skirmish in Ireland.
By 1647, Michael emigrated to America, initially a bond-servant to John Wright of Nansemond Co., VA.
~1650 Michael married Elizabeth.
5/10/1667, “To all whereas now know ye that the said Sir William Berkeley, Lt. Governor, does give and grant unto Michael King three hundred acres of land lying in the Upper Parish of the county of Nansemond beginning at a white pine at the west end of Robt. Bradford’s land and said running south 100 poles to a nicked red oak and so east 480 poles to a nicked pine and so north 100 poles to a nicked pine to east 480 poles on cast end of Robert Bradford’s land to the first station. The said land being due for transportation of four persons to have and to hold.” (S) VA Land Patents, No.6, V1, P193.
9/18/1671 “To all now let ye know that the said Sir Wim. Berkeley, Lt. Governor, does give and grant unto Michael King six hundred acres of land according to the conditions and lawful bounds there of lying and being in Nansemond County. The said land formerly granted to Robert … and lately found to be released to his grantor by an injunction recorded on the … fine under the hand and date of Sir William Alford for the said County and a jury sworn before him to that purpose. Dated the 17th day of November 1670, may I now grant to ye said Michael King who has made his mark.” (S) VA Land Patents, No.6, V1, P479.
2/24/1675, “To all whereas now know ye that the said Sir William Barkley, Lieutenant Governor, give and grant unto Michael King nine hundred acres of land lying in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County on the way to the South Key at a nicked red oak standing near the head of a Branch that comes from Somerton Swamp then due West 220 poles to a nicked pine in a reedy portion thence SW by S 440 poles to a nicked red oak thence SE 280 poles to a nicked white oak standing by the Mamie Run of Swamp that comes from Somerton butting on the land of John Winborne, Broome and Robinson thence by or near the said Mamie Swamp NE by N 670 poles to the first station. The said land being due by and for the transportation of eighteen persons into the colony to have and to hold this listing of payment proved.” (S) VA Land Patents, No.6, V2, P597.
1686, Michael bought several slaves and a plantation on Somerton Creek just north of the North Carolina line. On this property he built the first brick house in the county and a copper still.
1690, Michael lived in Nansemond Co.
8/7/1697, John Lilly plaintiff versus Stephen Manwaring in a plea of slander, etc. ---“the said Lilly came from Rapahaenock to James River with a ring on his finger and a watch in his pocket and a saddle on his back and at the house tooke a mare of Mr. Fulsam and brought her to Mr. Michael Kings and there the mare was stabled and there the said Michael King apprehended the said Lilly” etc. [Michael was between the James River and the Colony of NC when this occurred.]
Bef. 1704, Michael died in Nansamond Co., VA.
A will of “Mr. Michael King Senior” of the Nansemond Co., VA was proved by a subscription of William Early and the oath of John Early. “On petition of William Early and John Early ordered that Mr. John King pay to William Early and John Early for their travel and attendance for two days with costs and executions.” [They apparently traveled to son John’s plantation in NC.]
(S) King Family History by Mrs. J B Parker of Windsor NC.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915, P272.

Family notes:
• “Michael King was born in Old England and Came out of the City of Norwich to Virginia and their Served his time with John Wright in Nansemond County after that he marred with Elizabeth ?ry [indistinct] and Lived in the upper parrish of Nansemond County on the Southern branch of Nansemond River & c–– and he had by his wife Six Children Viz. Nathan William Michael Henry John & Elizabeth – and their he bought A plantation with Land in the year 1686 and Built a Large Dwelling house with Brick and Bought several Negro Slaves and also a large Copper Still & c. Written by me Solomon King, son of Charles King the Said Charles Was Son of William Which was son of Michael the Older – ”. (S) Bible record of Solomon King. The Bible was pub by Alexanded Kincaid, His Majestry’s Printer, Edinburgh, 1771.
• Another “Elizabeth Cary”, 1613–1680, authored the first original play by a woman printed in English, “Tradegy of Mariam”.

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