Friday, April 16, 2010

Osborn, Roark and Cherokee...

Osiyo / Hello List,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with information concerning an Indian
Girl known as Abigail Cherokee Indian who married Charles Roark in 1775
Montgomery County, Virginia. She was born around 1760 guessing. I came across a
website that had her as Abigail "Cherokee" Canoe who was married to Charles
Roark. I know that Charles and Abigail's son , Timothy Roark married into
Dragging Canoes family/cousins...Rebecca Osborne, daughter of Mary Polly Brock and
Ephraim Osborne Jr. (Mary is daughter of Chief Red Bird). I am hoping I can
get some info on this and hoping some documantation. Charles Roark was born in
Augusta County, Va in 1750. I am guessing Abigail was born somewhere in
Western Virginia since they were married in Montgomery County, Virginia. (Wasn't
this area known as Indian Valley)?

I am having a brain OVERLOAD with all of this Cherokee and Osborn line. ..


  1. I have recently done DNA testing on myself on my mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA) line (direct maternal line) at Family Tree DNA and got an exact match with another person who had tested and whose ancestor is Mary "Polly" ROARK, daughter of Charles ROARK and probably Abigail.

    If Abigail was the mother of all of Charles ROARK's children, then the DNA results that we have would represent her maternal line.

    Note that my direct maternal ancestor is NOT Abigail. I am descended from another woman, but who must have a common ancestor with Abigail.

    The DNA results show that it is likely that Abigail was not full-blooded Cherokee, but that her mother was most likely of European descent. The other possibility is that Abigail was not the mother of all of Charles ROARK's children.

    I am interested in finding men or women who are descended from Abigail (or who believe they are) on their direct maternal line (mother, her mother, her mother, etc.). I am also interested in knowing of any information anybody has on other possible mothers of Charles ROARK's children. Finally, anybody who has done research on this line is of interest. DNA may help solve this question of the heritage of Abigail.

    1. Charles Roark and presumably Abigail were my 5th great grandparents. I have tested with FTDNA. Maybe we can compare our results. ~Carole Eastridge Waters

    2. I would love to know what you found in your DNA results. I too, am Charles and Abigail's 5x great grand-daughter from Roark, Lewis, Shepherd, Thompson side. Is Abigail Cherokee?

  2. Another 5th great-granddaughter of Charles and Abigail here. My line is through their daughter Keziah Sosandra Roark and William Leftridge Price I. I have done my DNA through Ancestry and 23&Me as well as having uploaded to GedMatch. If you are still interested in touching base, you can email me at or look for my tree Splitting Heirs 1 on Ancestry. If you have already done your DNA testing in Ancestry, we have probably already been matched up.