Friday, April 16, 2010

Thomas Hatfield

The only thing I knew about the younger Thomas was that he married on Nov 27, 1671 an Alice Abel (your Ebel) TROTTER. I had nothing else to go on. I found it strange that a man born 1626 would wait until 1671 (at age 45) to marry, but then I started to think that either (a) his birthdate was wrong or (b) perhaps Alice was not his first wife and was much younger, and that Trotter might be her previous husband's name. If your DOB of 1653 for her is right, I think option (b) is partly right, BUT she was only 18 at time of marriage to Thomas, so was likely NOT married before this, so Trotter was probably her true surname, OR perhaps she WAS born an Ebel but was "adopted" or otherwise taken in by a family (person ?) named Trotter.

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