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Thomas Norris

Like his father, Thomas Norris, Jr., went to sea as a young man. He became a mariner. He returned to land about 1660 and became a bricklayer. He was first married to Martha Ironmonger. After her death, he married Elizabeth Hosier. They emigrated to Charleston, South Carolina colony, about 1672, then returned to the Maryland colony about 1674. They settled in Kent County in 1675. Thomas had two land grants in Kent County called "Prickle Pear," and Presbury," in 1677. He died suddenly while visiting his daughter, Martha, in June, 1683, in Lancaster County, Virginia colony. He was buried in the Ironmonger family graveyard.
The following information is quoted from the original manuscript entitled, "The Norris Family of Maryland and Virginia, 1361-1930," by Major Harry Alexander Davis:
"Born St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1638. He was a mariner and was in Lancaster County, Virginia in 1659. In Order Book No. 3, fol. 98 there is an entry showing that a certificate was issued to one John Edwards for transporting into the colony in Lancaster Co. five persons, Eleanor Burton, Thos. Norrys, Margaret Lowys, and two others whose names were where what is now a worm eaten hole.
This John Edwards also appears in several records in Maryland as 'transporting' persons into the colony and it appears that he did not take up land on the certificates issued but disposed of them. Thomas did not long remain in Lancaster but moved to Northumberland Co. where he married about 1661 Martha, daughter of William Ironmonger and an only child, they resided in said county to 1667 when Martha died. Thomas left his children with the grandparents and returned to Maryland and resided with his parents in Talbot Co.
He married (2) prior to 1671 Elizabeth Hosier, of Kent County, Maryland and they moved to Charleston, South Carolina prior to Aug. 1671 where Thomas had a certificate for land. Patent for this land is not extant, however, the following records show he had this land laid out; on 7 Dec. 1672 a grant of land was made to one Richard Deyos, for 300 acres of land contained in between 'the land laid out for Thos. Norris to the South and Anthony Churn to the North.' (Land Warrants 1672-79) On 30 May 1674 a warrant was issued to Ralph Marshall for 148 acres of land on East side of Ashley River bounded on the South by land of Samuel West and on the North by land alid out to Thos. Norris (ibid) On 11 Feb. 1698 there was a grant to Stephen Bull and part of the land originally laid out for Thomas Norris. (Charleston records).
There does not appear any evidence that Thomas ever lived on this land tho he and his wife remained in Charleston to March 1674 when they returned to Maryland and Thomas is again recorded as 'transported,' but does not make any claim for land, etc.
He abandoned the sea about this time and became a bricklayer. In Dec. 1674 Thomas made a trip to Lancaster Co., Virginia to bring his daughter to his home and is again recorded as transported.
In 1675 they moved to Kent County. Maryland where Thomas completed a land deal which was commenced by his father who died while the negotiations were being made, this concluding sale was of date Nov. 1675.
Thomas had two grants of land in Kent County, Maryland in 1677 'Prickle Pear' and 'Presbury.' (Lib. 19, fol. 415) In 1681 he had another grant called 'Norris his Forrest.' (Lib. 21, fol. 233) 'Norris Forrest appears to have been disposed of to Daniel Norris, his brother, as sd Daniel devised this land to his son, Daniel, who in turn devised it to his brother-in-law, John Ball,
In the spring of 1683 Thomas made a visit to Lancaster Co., Virginia to the home of his father-in-law and daughter, Martha, and was negotiating the purchase of a farm when he died suddenly in June 1683. He was probably buried in the Ironmonger family burying ground.
He died intestate and his estate was administered in Kent County, Maryland, letters to Daniel Norris and Henry Hosier late in June 1683, administered July 1683, inventory returned 14 Nov. 1683. (Libs viii, fol. 108; xiii, 54-73) Elizabeth survived him and married (2) in the 1690's John Abbott, his 2d wife. No children of record by her second marriage."

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